not entirely positive with this ghost door Yingkang 清华二校门被刻 驱逐舰与商船相撞


Sales "Oh, since it has been the Jiangxiao You go here, Herve Leger Dresses natural thing is to tell you clearly. But, more widely involved in this matter, the duration is relatively long, if the detail, I am afraid to spend a lot time! "Jiang Hao heard after only lightly shrug, do not hesitate to pick one:" Never mind, kid recently no special things, the time is still relatively well-off, also invited veteran Shen detailed explanation about it! " "All right! However, before the old lady began to explain, there are a few simple questions, you want to ask Jiangxiao You!" Shen Xing gently waving, nothing void of them immediately, there were two fine futon, with the river Hao a difference one person two people to sit down after this opening he asked: "Today’s comprehension, what is called the specific name, and comprehension among the largest of several martial art, they were what? For these cases, I do not know much about Jiangxiao You can? " "Ah? These are the most popular information about it?" Slight heart Herve Leger Skirts Hao slightly odd, but still made a quick answer: "The current comprehension, the specific name is ‘sky-world’, and the largest martial art, naturally ‘Shushan Jianpai’, ‘Kunlun School’, and ‘Zhenfo dense environment’, and three martial art known as comprehension for three super martial art, martial art on the other to be inferior to many of the more or less. " "That Jiangxiao You can see why these three martial art known as the super-martial, and other sects not?" "This? Is because these three martial art tradition of the longest, most profound historical accumulation because of it?" To be honest, Jiang Hao is not really thought about it, so this does not answer how many of them are emboldened. Herve Leger Strapless result, indeed, is not his surprise, after hearing the answer, Shen Xing just slightly shook his head, asked: "To say whether or not the transmission of the passage of time, the comprehension that we are one family martial art, I am afraid Lich is not that too be better than the two communities, but you see, with Yao Zu Wu family among such were moving the world’s largest martial art it? " "This so-called were moving world, but is within our human society to say it, will naturally not be mixed count, right?" Although my heart is so Fu Fei, but out of courtesy, Jiang Hao is not to remark out. However, he is only a slight curl one’s lip, it has been found abnormal Shen Galaxy, so, heard Shen Galaxy continued: "Well, do not say Lich two communities, his family said we were good! You and I are the repair true of people, nature should be aware that the boom-bust, extremes meet this reason, right? However, tens of thousands of years Herve Leger Bandage the comprehension of this history, it is not only change my life there have been no surprise genius, certainly not sometimes the lack of moving along, renowned great martial art, but they escape after all the years of erosion, has been completely annihilate in the dust of history no longer hard to find among the. " "For example, a million years ago the world aspect ‘Ferricyanide Laomo’, he founded the ‘ghost gate’ once the comprehension of which over ninety percent of all martial art in the upper force merger integration, into the peripheral tissue blood shadow door! time when even the Jiangxiao You said you are three super-martial could not lift the weight of their heads, not entirely positive with this ghost door Yingkang, dared closed doors When nearly a thousand years to the faint-hearted! there to seven years ago turned out to repair the genius of the sword ‘sword Herve Leger UK , the sword has to pick one person alone has the whole comprehension, even if there Kunlun Shushan Contemporary head, there are dozens of elders master, are also fall in his ‘Tai-sub Lightsaber’ next! it was founded by ‘too Baijian Zong’, has thousands of hours in which the weight of the three The so-called super martial art ashamed … " About the Author: 相关的主题文章: