Wuhan, one of the 5 most beautiful bookstore, it is said that all of Wuhan’s senior designers have b 保安终被美院录取 安倍献上祭祀费





in a corner of the city on

found a place to live


city is too large, so it is divided into many regions, and in each region, there are always some similar happiness, or let other areas of envy envy corner. Scholarly taste, you like it?

if you are in Gutian, you can enjoy the coffee in the integration and xixifu;

if you are in the bridge side, you can enjoy a little fresh romance in deba and rainbow;

if you are in the Central Cultural District, you can spend a pleasant afternoon tea in the Mandarin bookstore;

if you are in East Lake, the college is the best choice;

if you were in Optics Valley, the sky city of the cat would give you a place to live……

in Wuhan, this small individual bookstore there are many, I have not given them one by one, with so many choices, there is a very special book to let me move, it is the name of your visual library.

a creative park in the bookstore, iron and gray walls in the middle, a yellow light in my heart the impulse. The house opened the glass door, a cool feel Pumianerlai, on the left side of the window, sat a few young people in a quiet chat, clerk grind coffee beans in the bar, the table books neatly, in well-proportioned room, put a few potted plants, add a hint of life.

staff is not in a hurry to attract business, but let us enjoy the relaxed here, I like this atmosphere, free. Here’s the book, mostly related to the arts, there are a few books on the computer, the content is also about P. The books next to hang some characteristics of Wuhan printing T-shirts, porcelain and beaded corner on a small table, placed in the blue and white cloth, is the classical and romantic special.

bar at the top of the poster, mostly foreign fairy tale illustrations, along with air conditioning wind speed, occasionally shaking. Point a cup of coffee, under the table in the sun, there is a boy looking at the contents of the computer, so the back, so quiet that people can not bear to disturb, but could not help but stare.

house has three floors, along the stairs of the iron, from the first floor to the third floor, about the two floor;