[] Yunnan has more than Yunnan Lijiang, and Shangri-La 南海发现可燃冰 瀑布现天价讲解员


[] Yunnan has more than Yunnan Lijiang, and the Shangri-La tourism Sohu

Yunnan has more than Lijiang, and Lincang, Baoshan, Dehong, Wenshan, Honghe, Zhaotong, Diqing and other good places a lot of beauty in!

Shangri-La, a name that sounds beautiful. This is the one you can not go to Tibet to enjoy the local Tibetan style, here is Zhuoma and Zahi’s hometown, where not only the Tibetan Plateau Snow Canyon style, but also a taste of the alpine meadow on the "wind and low grass see magnificent scenery, and like snow capped mountains, vast grasslands, red the black flowers, mysterious Lama temple……

08:33 in January 1, 2017, when the east gradually bright, the first ray of dawn of the new year to Songzanlinsi golden roofs gleamed on the whole building, and the reflection of side by side, really, like.

Songzanlin Temple hillside, the former over the lake, the shape is like a castle, in Tibetan art of the great, and the "Tibetan Art Museum". Aerial, Songzanlin temple building is very conspicuous, like zhongxinggongyue like being around.

ldan Songzanlinsi, also known as · naturalized temple, 5 kilometers from the county, is a town in the size of the castle group building, Yunnan province is the largest Tibetan Buddhist temple, or one of the Sichuan Yunnan, the famous temple Kang district along the Yellow Sect center, has a pivotal position in the whole area, is known as "little Potala Palace".

The legend of the

Temple site is Darai Lama diviners God, God said: "the forest deep springs, heaven Jinwu play in" so visitors into the temple, to meet the water gurgling, never dries up, and a common Snipe in the temple of gold in pairs. Temple of Darai V Awang Llsang Gia Zo gave Lama.

According to

records, and Darai Gesang Gia Zo Lama Songzanlin VII and profound "a method of edge". Darai VI’s "flying", the three major monasteries in Lhasa for the reincarnation of Bu identified (later Darai VII) by Mongolia Heshuote Tibet Wang pull sweat releasing the damage, and was escorted to the reincarnation of the monks Songzanlin monastery refuge. The milk in the water in the reincarnation process, pray this water becomes milk sweat to nurture the sentient beings, this water became Naizi river". After the boy again supported by the Kumbum Monastery in Qinghai, has finally been recognized support at the time of the emperor Kangxi, and sealed " the " macro hokaku titles. Therefore, Darai VII of later Songzanlinsi have supported the expansion.

in the summer of 1936, He Long led the Red Army Long March through Shangri-La two. He Long and Xiao Ke went to the temple visit, domestication, the living Buddha Lama, and inscribed "the prosperity of some family run a Jin (the existing Chinese Military Museum). Temple for the Red Army to raise grain 2>