7 Reasons Why An Internet Business Is The Perfect Income Stream For


Internet-and-Business-Online Just up the road from my office I noticed that yet another small business has started up. It’s taken over a location from yet another failed business. I’m sure this exact same event happens two or three times a year in just this small group of local businesses. Each time this happens these people take huge risk, they spend thousands on a refit of the shop, take on staff, spend money on staff training and set themselves up in a lease which they have to pay for each and every month even if the business is not making any money. In fact they are setting themselves up exactly the opposite to what I would recommend to people who are looking to start a business that will make them an ongoing profit and give them the freedom they are generally looking for. Here’s why they would have been better off looking at an internet business if they were truly wanting to start a business that gives them time and money freedom… The internet is the perfect business vehicle because… 1. No Rent / Premises In fact all you need is access to a computer with internet access, and if you are starting an online business with a model that requires a website then you need a domain name and hosting which can be set up for around $20 2. No Staff to pay Since much of your online business including taking payments and delivering your product to customers there is no direct need to have staff. In fact even if you choose to outsource you pay those people via on online system too – they are never your ’employees’ as such so you wont need to pay insurances, Superannuation or sick pay. 3. Your Business can be automated There are tools online that will automate much of your business. You literally need to set them up once and they will run your website, take payments, send products, deliver your pre programmed messages, allow access to membership areas for your membership sites, send notification to drop shippers (for physical products)… really 90% of the daily tasks for your business can be automated so all you have to do is manage some details from time to time. Find out how you can create your own million dollar internet business Click Here to register your seats right now! 4. Beginners can do it With outsourcing relationships becoming easier and easier to create, all you need to know is what you want created, give a few examples and write a short brief and click go and someone "out there" can set up your website, integrate your shopping cart, even develop your product for you. All you need to do then is drive some traffic to your website and start collecting payments. (yes there’s a bit more to it than that which you’ll find out more about as you keep reading this report.) 5. Create as many as you want Once you understand the blueprint for building a web business and you’ve done it once there’s nothing stopping you doing it again and again. If each business takes just a fraction of your week to manage then you can afford to create many web businesses and still have plenty of time to do… what every it is that you want to do. 6. Work when you want (be in charge of your own time) With no boss breathing down your neck, no deadlines (other than the ones that you choose to take on) and no specific time that you need to take care of the small management details (since the internet works for you 24/7 you can choose to take of the details any time you want. 9 to 5 will become a thing of the past and wondering what to do with all your free time will become your next biggest problem (not a bad problem to have… you can always go shopping while you decide!) 7. Work from anywhere you want Since the internet is completely decentralised, you can access your business from anywhere you can get online. It doesn’t matter if you are in an office or in a cafe in Malta overlooking the ocean or visiting relatives in Europe, as long as you can access the internet you can run your business. There are even people out there who run a good part of their business from the iPad or phone over a 3G network while they are on the move. So if you were free to travel and still make an income where would you go? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: