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UnCategorized What’s the Borneo Monster MMA & boxing fitness conditioning tactic*? So here’s the story… The biggest guy I know (well he was the biggest guy) literally showed up at the boxing fitness club after we hadn’t seen him for a year with a rock-solid chiseled body and six-pack abs… We immediately rushed to "interview" him so we could learn his secrets. His nickname at the boxing fitness club is now the borneo monster because he was so overweight and now he’s an MMA & boxing monster with an awesome body. So how did the borneo monster lose so much weight so fast and literally chisel his body? It’s because he learned the secret fitness techniques of professional MMA & boxing fighters… Here, I’ll let him explain: "hey guys and gals, to lose weight and/or get super ripped without having to resort to tactics that could put you in danger just simply follow the pros! I suffered from health problems because of my poor fitness…So things had to change for me quickly. This made me go on a journey to discover the pros deepest MMA & boxing fitness secrets…because I know these guys and gals get results fast. Getting in touch with an actual professional MMA & boxing fitness trainer, I deciphened the secrets mixed martial artists & boxers use to get their physiques…And fast! These 5 secrets are pure gold… 1. It’s all about intense workouts that aren’t boring. If you have a boring workout, you’ll give up. We’re human and we need a little excitement. 2. Also, you need an intense workout that you can do at home or at the gym. A flexible workout. Sometimes I would just get up off my computer and start doing them…In the house. 3. All you gotta do to get a level of fitness and physique that people would truly admire (those of pro MMA & boxing fighters) is train effectively – 3 days a week for 1 hour. Not bad at all… 4. The secret you can’t ignore to losing weight and getting ripped super fast is to do exercises that train the entire body and your core at the same time. That’s why boxing fitness is awesome! 5. Have a simple nutrition program to ensure that your body is getting lean even while you’re not working out…A system that works on pure autopilot. Plus, if you have exciting workouts you’ll actually look forward to doing them. So that’s the real trick. MMA & boxing fitness exercises are great because you’ll have a lot of fun and you’ll be learning real skills. Hence, after my research I realized that MMA & boxing workouts were #1 for fitness and losing weight. Diets suck! Trust me, I’ve tried em all! A great exercise that professional fighters use is the 1-arm tripod row: Take a dumbell in one hand. Put your free arm out and find something to lean that up against so your body, arm, and ground form a triangle. Pull the weight up to your lats. This forces you to heavily engage your core and pulling muscles. Try doing 1 set of 50, then mix it up. The next week do 4 sets of 15. Then get back to 3 sets of 10 with more weight. Even a giant monster like myself can lose weight and get super lean, super fast…Without taking b.s. supplements." So there you have it. The borneo monster speaks. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: