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2017 college entrance examination syllabus published   "moral education" as an important orientation in Education — October 14 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Shen Ning) 2017 national university entrance examination syllabus by the relevant departments of the Ministry of Education organized revision and validation, published today in the website of the Ministry of education. The Ministry of education examination center responsible person said, in 2017 to promote the reform of enrollment system, as an important part of the examination syllabus of the content and form of reform, it is necessary to amend the appropriate adjustment. Previously, the Ministry of Education Examination Center issued a "notice" on the 2017 common entrance examination syllabus revision, 9 subjects, in addition to English political and ideological content unchanged, the examination content of other 7 subjects have to adjust. "Moral education" is an important orientation and characteristics of the Ministry of education examination center responsible person said that this amendment is in the outline of the extensive research, listen to the experts, including the formation of the college entrance examination curriculum standard revision experts, education experts, school personnel measurement teaching research and education administrative departments on the basis of the views of the. The main change of examination content is: in the premise of emphasizing the common basis, a reasonable set of test contents and examination contents, meet the requirements for personnel selection, revision direction of fit of curriculum standards. Professor of Tsinghua University, a famous sociologist, Education Ministry of education and scientific research plan of higher education discipline appraisal group leader Xie and said in the 2017 college entrance examination outline of the revised document, there is a recurring and strengthening of the core concept of "moral education", is that the college entrance exam outline the educational orientation and function. This is also a very important orientation and characteristics of the 2017 college entrance examination syllabus. The revised outline will increase the burden of the students is "overrated" the revision is large, relatively high degree of social concern is Chinese and physics in two subjects, increase the compulsory content, also lead to increase the burden of worry. China Education online editor Chen Zhiwen said that he agreed with the principle is revised, such as practical texts in Chinese reading in the compulsory. Starting from the needs of selecting talents in Colleges and universities, practical texts should be paid attention to. The United States SAT, as well as TOEFL, IELTS and other language testing, is mainly based on practical style. As we worry about resulting burden, Chen Zhiwen felt "misplaced", every year, there will be some adjustments, the increase is reduced, every time it is fine, and change or adjustment is not greatly affected, smooth and continuous exam itself will not. In addition, in principle, the difficulty of the exam is not directly related to the burden, only related to personal expectations. High expectations, the burden will be heavy. Chen Zhiwen said, to reduce the difficulty of college entrance examination to reduce the burden of the practice is not desirable, but also can not be achieved. College entrance examination, such as an important selection test, if the test is easy, scores of hair, not only is not conducive to the selection of talent, but also in the objective to encourage more people to brush the problem, excessive division. Give full play to the college entrance examination "baton" positive "command" the role of the Chinese Department of Peking University Professor, Ministry of education, Chinese language curriculum standards for the revision of the convening of the group of experts to warm up bluntly,相关的主题文章: