2016 the opening of the second Chinese traditional village and Qiandongnan summit October


The 2016 session of the second Chinese traditional village? Qiandongnan summit opened in October – Beijing Beijing in September 21 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhou Yin) organized by the people’s Government of Guizhou Province, Qiandongnan Prefecture People’s Government hosted the 2016 session of the second China traditional village? The Qiandongnan summit will be held in Guizhou Prefecture of Qiandongnan province Liping County Zhaoxing from October 12th to 14 day. The 21 reporters from the second session of the 2016 China traditional village? Was informed that the Qiandongnan summit news conference, the theme of the summit is "create Sharing — the construction of traditional village protection and development of new relations", aims to explore the protection of traditional villages and traditional villages to promote the development of new relations, development and protection of local people out of poverty in well-off society. The summit will be held during the "Chinese traditional village? Qiandongnan summit of the main forum; Qiandongnan — 2016 international financiers 50 years; UNESCO — Rural Conservation International Forum; traditional village theme art exhibition; organize the selection of outstanding traditional villages, traditional villages, traditional villages conservation protection demonstration households the spread of Master, the traditional village culture heritage, traditional villages for photography, video and other series of activities of traditional villages. In addition, the state of Qiandongnan in the Central Nationalities Orchestra also work together to build a culture of Art — dongzutaige music drama "song and moon", will be at the National Theatre in September 22nd. (end)相关的主题文章: