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Home-and-Family When it .es to senior fitness, nothing quite beats a water aerobics workout. Water aerobics provides relaxing low impact resistance exercises that can be done by most senior citizens at any age. Working out the body in water is a very safe way of working the muscles and strengthening the heart. In addition, most people enjoy water at any age, too. Water is a great shock absorber, so senior citizens who have arthritis or those with some osteoporosis will find that the water is very soothing when they perform movements. Seniors are more likely to perform exercise when they are having a good time, and when it is not painful to their bodies. Water is the perfect option. When most folks think of aerobics, they picture a group of people in a gym, performing synchronized moves. Or, they remember Jane Fonda videos, and people working out in front of their TV sets. While all of these are good choices of exercises, they are much harder on old joints. The same can be said for running, biking, and light jogging. Water Aerobics for Senior Citizens The primary objective for seniors who want to practice water aerobics is to exercise while having a good time. If you follow some of the tips in this article, you can have fun and you can get in a good workout safely. They are: Get a Physical from Your Doctor – Any strenuous exercise needs to be approved by your doctor. Unless you have a serious pre-existing condition, your doctor will probably be fine with water aerobics. Find a Qualified Instructor – It’s a good idea in the beginning to learn how to do water aerobics safely with a certified trainer. Although water aerobics is fairly safe, you need to learn how to do the exercises correctly so your muscles will benefit the most each time. You also want to learn how to move properly to prevent injuries. Always Warm Up – You need to loosen up your muscles before you begin a water aerobics workout. Of course, all certified instructors will know this, and help you. Use Sides for Support – If you don’t feel .fortable in the middle of a swimming pool, you can always hold on to the edges. The sides can give you support while you are stretching and while performing some exercises. Not every senior is .fortable in the water. This can allow senior who are new to the water or water aerobics to feel .fortable. Have Fun – The movements that you are making in the water will feel relaxing and you will have some fun. You can splash away and have a blast, and at the same time, you will work your muscles and your heart. Water Aerobics for Senior Citizens – Conclusion Water aerobics in a wonderful form of fitness exercise for seniors. Water provides buoyancy and that relieves pressure from the joints when performing aerobics. It is one exercise that will probably not result in any injuries if done correctly. All you need is a pool, an instructor, and a bathing suit and you are ready to enjoy water aerobics. Why not get started today? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: