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Arts-and-Entertainment Much hype and puff is created around every film before its release these days. And Kites, the latest Hrihtik Roshan starrer is no exception! The film was touted on the basis of its monumental budget and the big names associated with it. Produced by Rakesh Roshan, the film is scripted and directed by none other than Anurag Basu. The film has Barbara Mori, a Mexican actress, Kangana Ranaut, Kabir Bedi and Nicholas Brown. The film revolves around J and Natasha. The film starts with J as a wounded man lying in the arid Mexican deserts, on a quest to look for his lost love, Natasha, while he himself is a wanted man. J and Natasha are two street smart fraudsters, all set to marry into a rich and powerful family of Las Vegas just for money. All is fine till J and Natasha meet each other and fall in love. Their gold digging schemes go for a toss as they escape only to invite the wrath and enmity of the family they were going to con! J and Natasha do not understand each others languages as J speaks Hindi and English while Natasha speaks only Spanish!! But as they say love knows no languages and no boundaries. J and Natasha embark on an escape trail with adventures galore! The film has received a luke warm response so far. The film is Hrithiks baby all the way! With his stunning looks and spectacular performance, Kites is certainly soaring high because of Hrithik, who spells magic in his role as J. Hrithik alone makes the film worth a watch. The look and feel of the film is certainly like a Hollywood film, but the film follows the beaten track and has nothing much to offer in terms of content. Anurag Basu has done a fair job, but this is not one his best. The only different aspect of the story is the ending, which is truly emotional. Most of the dialogues in the film are either in English or Spanish with Hindi sub titles. This may not work well with the traditional audiences. There are few more loose ends in the film. A talent like Kangana has been wasted with a half-baked track. Kabir Bedi disappears after a while. Nicholas Brown as Kabir bedis son and Barbaras fiance does .plete justice to his role as the villain. Hrithik and Barbaras on-screen chemistry is crackling and fresh. Rajesh Roshans music is plain and staid. Salim-Suleman have done a good job with the background score which adds to the effect of the action packed sequences. Ayananka Boses cinematography is top notch and simply brilliant! All said and done, Kites is an out and out Hrithik movie. He is the lifeline of the movie and rises much above the script as an actor. You can catch a glimpse of the this latest blockbuster Indian movie Kites, at NyooTV – India’s first Social TV .work and one-stop shop for premium Indian movies with a huge collection of Bollywood movies. NyooTV brings a whole new world of entertainment with its innovative technology, rendering a viewing experience unmatched in quality. Viewers can watch free hindi films and free bollywood videos on NyooTV. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: