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Advertising Why Nobody Cares About Your Network Marketing Company! Before continuing on, just repeat the title of this article to yourself..Why Nobody Cares About Your Network Marketing Company. You say to yourself, but Im a smart person, I make good decisions, why wouldnt people care about my company. Ive done my due diligence, Ive researched this company and feel completely comfortable with the products, the services, and the comp plan. Ive been involved with a couple other companies before, and I believe that this is the one that will make me the most money. You believe that this is the one that you can absolutely convince people to join and sell this to them. I mean, why wouldnt people see that this is the company that will set them free and make them millionaires?? Why? What a great question! How about asking a better question, why not? People dont care about comp plans and percentages. People dont care why your product is better than the one they already buy at the health food store. People dont care about your network marketing company and why its going to make you a boat load of money. Why not?? Because they care about themselves. Now I dont mean in a selfish, who cares about anyone else sort of way. I mean in a that sounds great for you, but what is that going to do for me kind of way. People want to know what the benefit is to them, their family, their lifestyle, their bank account! People want to know that you have their best interest at heart. They want to know that theyre people with their own set of personalities and obstacles, not just a number in your downline. They want to be recognized for their own achievments, not just as points on the way to your next check. Now this leads to the bigger question, how do I let people know that I have their best interest at heart? I have two answers to this question that seem to work for me. I didnt come up with them on my own, Im not that clever. I was taught these things by people who had the interpersonal and communication skills that I apparently lacked at the time. Ok, enough with the suspense. The answers are to add value to their lives, and practice the fine art of giving without want. Wait a minute now!! You may say that you are adding value by sharing such an awesome business opportunity with them. You may also find yourself saying something like, well what am supposed to do? Donate the checks I earn? Maybe that would be giving enough for you. What I am saying is that to add value to someone you need to bring something to the table beyond your own needs. Approach things from their point of view. If they are looking for new car insurance, suggest the insurance agent who gave you a great rate. If they need new mini blinds, let them know where you got them dirt cheap. Let them borrow that John Maxwell book you have when you hear them talking about life goals and success. Lend out that movie, send them the website that helped you learn about lowering the interest on your mortgage, give them the pin number to your ATM card.ok, not really. Just seeing if youre still with me. These are a few easy examples of adding value, which leads me directly into the concept of giving without want. Basically, as you are adding value to peoples lives, doing things from the heart, expect nothing in return. Do these things that to you and I seem so small, but to a person in need of that website, that book, or even the mini blind tip, it is huge. Doing these tiny little things from the heart with no expectation of anything in return are the blocks that build relationships. Build lasting relationships that transcend any sales pitch! Do this by adding value to their lives, and give without any expectation in return. If you keep the sale in mind first, the life of the relationship lasts until they get frustrated and quit. By keeping your prospective business partner and teamates interests first, you have a relationship that was built on trust, and they know they will have someone to stick with them and rely on through those struggles that we all inevitably face in this business. So, one more time, repeat after me. Why nobody cares about your network marketing company. Remember, people dont join a company. They Join you! Scott Carrell NetworkersNest About the Author: 相关的主题文章: