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Travel-and-Leisure Popular Chains among Richmond Hotels Most of the hotels in Richmond, Virginia are part of major hotel brands that have establishments all over the world. Many travelers prefer staying at a hotel that is a member of a major hotel brand as they have a set quality and standard among them. It is only natural that people who have had a pleasant experience from a particular hotel may want to stay in the same one or another one that bears the same name. Those who travel quite often will tend to favor one hotel chain from other and wherever they may go will choose one that is a member of that group since they know what to expect during their stay. Hotel chains respond through loyalty programs designed as reward and encouragement to people to patronize their member establishments regularly. Frequent visitors earn points each time they stay and these points can be exchanged for free meals or a free night of stay. Green Hotels in Richmond More and more hotels in Richmond, Virginia have be.e environmentally friendly over the years. Most green hotels practice optional linen service wherein guests are encouraged not to have their linen changed every day by reusing their towels and sheets and the housekeeping staff is trained to have linen changed only upon request. Recycling and proper waste management is another practice hotels have adopted. Any unopened hotel items after guests check out are saved by housekeeping for reuse later. As much as possible, reusable items like glass dishes and water receptacles are used and plastic, aluminum, paper, and glass refuse are for recycling. Green hotels also have water and energy conservation practice like using energy efficient lighting systems and appliances, having individual thermostats in every room, and doing regular maintenance to prevent any leaks or drips in faucets and shower heads. The management advises their guests to switch off lights in unoccupied rooms and turn off electronic appliances when not needed. Hotels also get services and products from other eco-friendly businesses as well. Fitness Centers in Richmond Hotels Fitness centers are a staple feature among hotels in Richmond. Working out and keeping in shape is important to hotel guests even while on vacation. Guests on business and those who are on extended stay find these fitness centers very helpful in their staying healthy even when away from home. Top of the line treadmills, weights, stationary bikes and other exercise equipment are found in these hotels. Also provided are aerobics and yoga classes that hotel guests can participate in. Trainers and other gym personnel are on hand to guide and oversee the guests while they make use of the fitness center. Some also operate 24 hours a day to ac.modate those who like to work out at irregular hours or those who have other .mitments during the day. There are hotels that charge for the use of their fitness centers but others provide it free for their guests. Qualities of Richmond Hotels In visiting this historic town in Virginia, tourists are treated to numerous hotels in Richmond that vary from the luxurious to simple, from pricey to cheap deals, and from historic to contemporary. For those who want to relive the past, historic hotels such as the Jefferson Hotel and the Linden Row Inn offer a harmonious mix of new amenities and old world architecture and atmosphere. Opened in 1895, the Jefferson Hotel is the most popular and opulent of all the Richmond hotels. There are 264 available guest rooms, offers very good amenities such as their state of the art fitness center, the indoor swimming pool, free car services to the city centers attractions, and two award-winning restaurants. Another historic hotel is the Linden Row Inn that was built in the 1840s. With 70 guest rooms, this boutique hotel is equipped with contemporary facilities. The hotel is located on a property that once belonged to Mr. Charles Ellis who used the grounds as a garden for jasmines, roses, and lindens. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: