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Arts-and-Entertainment Sometimes when you read a series of books the quality of them seems to diminish as you read further into the series. The first book mesmerizes you, but subsequent books are just not as good. The characters be.e, well, boring and predictable and even annoying after a while, you don’t really care about their antics anymore, and may even decide to quit while you’re ahead–and stop reading. It’s a bit sad. But Linda Weaver Clarke has done it again. I am charmed by her new book, Montezuma Intrigue: The Adventures of John and Julia Evans, and is part of a larger series which includes Anasazi Intrigue (2010) and Mayan Intrigue (2010). "Machiavelli chuckled under his breath. They were adorable girls, but they weren’t saying a word about where they were going. He needed to know their plans. He needed to get his hands on the map." ~Montezuma Intrigue In the latest book by Linda Weaver Clarke, Montezuma Intrigue, the mysteries continue as this author entrances us with life-like characters and electrifying adventures. The search for Montezuma’s treasure is both exciting and memorable. This time, the story took me on a rugged, outdoor adventure with the Evans family in search of Montezuma’s treasure, through canyons and ravines and caves, aided by an antique parchment map found in an old wooden chest in the attic. There are also a few romances, and some surprises as well, which kept my reading pleasurable and lively. This story focuses mostly on the daughters of John and Julia Evans, 19-year-old twins Sharlene and Faith, and 21-year-old April. I think Linda Weaver Clarke’s experience raising her own six daughters (truly an amazing feat in this day and age!) has been very beneficial to her in creating strong and lovely female characters who are a pleasure to read about. Additionally, I enjoyed the adventure and suspense in her latest novel, which kept me reading well into the night. The author’s writing flows smoothly, and is natural-sounding rather than hoighty-toighty. I also relished the story-telling which takes place inside of this story, which further emphasizes the importance of telling our stories (and hopefully also recording them), keeping them alive for future generations (isn’t that why we write?) –Review Written by Susan Ortlieb, Sukos Notebook Montezuma Intrigue is truly intriguing. The old country and western song said, You had me from hello. Linda Weaver Clarke had my interest from the first sentence. The story begins with the past and transitions to the present quickly and easily. It is an adventure from beginning to end. In the book, John and Julias three daughters find a treasure map in a forbidden trunk in the attic and convince their parents to spend the family vacation searching for the treasure. Although the plot is finding the treasure, there are sub-plots that teach Christian values found in few books today. Linda does a great job of weaving these values into the story without taking away from the main plot. I highly re.mend this book to adults and young adults alike. –Review Written by Theresa Franklin, Lifes Journey The whole Evans family is back for another wild and dangerous adventure. This time they have Grandpa along for the ride. As the search begins, Julias father tells the family of how he met their grandmother. A story he never told anyone before, not even Julia. The family is enraptured by his tale and eager to learn more about their familys history, but the story .es to a crashing halt when their lives are threatened by treasure seekers. This story mixes adventure, suspense and romance into one captivating story. The addition of Julias parents romance makes a nice backdrop to the mystery surrounding the hidden treasure. Readers will be enchanted by the entire family, as well as gripped by the terror inflicted on them by the bad guys. I do hope we will visit with the Evans family again. They are so enjoyable to get to know. –Review Written by Socrates Book Review About the Author: 相关的主题文章: