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God answers to the doubts: Lao Tzu rare language doesn’t care about Carrefour swearing in response to questions of sina sports news Beijing time on October 1st, according to media reports, since Kevin Loew was traded to Cleveland, he played on the Cavaliers and the role of the adaptation degree has been questioned, even if the Cavaliers won the NBA championship in June this year, the question still exists. In this regard, Loew is very helpless, when he said in an interview today once again asked about this topic, he could not help but burst a foul language. "These questions will always exist, and you must learn to accept them. There are good and bad comments about the team, but I love the team, I love the coaching staff and my teammates." Loew said in an interview. "I don’t think (to me) will disappear, but to be honest, I don’t care TMD (I  don; t  give  a  shit)." Listen, Loew has been fed up with this question in the past two years, even though he has been trying to prove he can contribute to the cavaliers. Since Loew was traded to the Cavaliers, the outside world has been talking about whether he is suitable for the team, and the performance of the instability of the defensive as well as the outside world has been criticized by the outside world, but also the performance of the team, but also the performance of the team has been criticized by the outside world. But it must be pointed out that Loew is a great striker needed to play the ball high performance, as he did in Minnesota, but when his side with Lebron James and Kaili Erwin, Loew clearly need to adapt. But this does not mean that Loew’s test did not work, on the contrary, when the Knights of the three giants at the same time, their performance is phenomenal, winning the championship is the best proof. In addition to questioning the ability of Loew, the rumors about his trading is not stopped, this summer is still the case. When asked how to look at this summer about his trade rumors, Loew said No comment., but he added: "I’m here now, and I will stay here for a long time." He said. About the knights in the training camp this year’s performance, Loew said everyone from the beginning to keep step with chemical reaction is very good. "We want to hang up a championship flag." He said. (Rosen)相关的主题文章: