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Expert: F -16 will become our main force fighter   undertake large-scale military combat missions — data figure: the spread of the network homemade f -16 fighter flight photograph. Beijing on 10 October, (Qiu Yue) recently, the people’s Liberation Army latest jetfighters -16 test photos exposed again. Military expert Wang Mingliang told, annihilates -16 performance in the traditional three generation machine based on improved significantly in the future I will become one of the main fighter, and four generation fighter -20 body combat system, to carry out large-scale combat missions. According to reports, the Shenyang Aircraft Corp is Chinese annihilates -16 annihilates -11 series aircraft development based on the new third generation multi-purpose two seater fighter bomber. October 17, 2011 has been the first flight in Shenyang, equipped with automatic electronic scanning phased array radar, can attack multiple targets at the same time and identify the target information. Wang Mingliang said, the f -16 belongs to dual task fighter, its air combat capability and ground assault capabilities are very strong, is worthy of the name of the offensive and defensive fighter. The aircraft is similar to the U.S. F-15E fighter, but the missile carrying capacity and fire control system performance has been greatly improved. In the military, the types of military operations are divided into offensive and defensive, usually for professional considerations, will be carried out by the special forces to attack or defense tasks. But in the actual situation on the battlefield, perplexing, offensive and defensive posture of the myriads of changes, change at any time, therefore need to respond flexibly to the situation on the battlefield of the multipurpose aircraft annihilates -16." Wang Mingliang said. After the launch of the f -16, Russian media have speculated that the machine is Su -30 imitation." But the domestic media pointed out that annihilates -16 and Su -30 is only half brother, was derived from the Su -27, but the development is not the same route. Wang Mingliang said the f -16 indeed inherited the part of Russian aircraft technology opportunities, such as maturity of aerodynamic configuration, avionics equipment and power system, but China in airborne weapon fire control system and other aspects of the independent innovation, its performance is better than the Soviet -30. Nowadays, all countries in the world in the development of the fourth generation stealth fighter, strong concern China four generation machine f -20 and -31 will lead to the media and every act and every move in the fan. The media also pointed out that the future may not only China equipment f -20 and -31 the two fighter f -16 as the -20, has become one of the Chinese forces ahead of the main fighter. The next four generations of aircraft will become the backbone of our army air combat, but the main body is still the three generation machine." Wang Mingliang said. Wang Mingliang pointed out that the -16 is a transition between models between three generation and four generation machine machine, is a type of cross connection equipment, which belongs to the three generation machine, but the performance is more outstanding. The future, the four generation machine with its stealth and high maneuverability, may completely change the battlefield rules, but because the price is high, and the performance and equipment maturity has not been proven, any country can not, it is impossible to guarantee their safe air weight in full charge of the four generation of cool body, so the army still need the similar f -16 is better than the traditional three generation machine, stable performance of the models as defense weight)相关的主题文章: