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The myth of the summer box office the final burst of   Chinese films become " financial derivatives; " – the media – original title: not the bottom line, the film became a vassal of Chinese capital film market from last summer until the Spring Festival this year, the box office myth, to the summer of this year the helpless vanished, like a capital the invisible hand also has played the important role. Because of those who do not have the bottom line of the art capital involved, turning the film into a capital operation and game, seemingly lively, actually has planted the seeds. Summer made movies you see down 40% accustomed to running China film market, in this summer will last even stepped on several feet brakes. According to the grace of the box office statistics, as of yesterday, this summer stalls released more than a hundred films, the total box office of about 12 billion 300 million yuan, essentially flat with last year. Among them, the number of domestic films close to 80, the total box office barely more than $4 billion 700 million, compared to last year’s summer file homemade film gains of $7 billion 900 million record, up about 3 billion 100 million yuan, down nearly 40%. If the film case, the conclusion is more frustrating. In the three months of summer this year, the highest grossing "Tomb notes" nearly 990 million yuan, which means that this summer without a domestic film breaking one billion. Moreover, even if the "threshold" drop down to 500 million yuan, success is only "Tomb notes" Jedi "escape" 2 "and" big fish "chills" Begonia 4 film. You know, last time only "catch demon" "man" and "wu-k’ung pancake return" "three carriages" gains at the box office over 4 billion yuan, "" catch demon is more than 2 billion 400 million yuan at the box office will be "fast and the furious 7" hits from the mainland to pull down the throne. Data show that this summer stalls released the film, watercress score of 5 points in the garbage film accounted for over 60%. Also, before competing summer phenomenon "style mutation, including the" westward journey 3 ", the movie temporary withdrawal file," technical reasons "," schedule of competition "has become the focus. "The film market weakness, in addition to its film quality is not confident, choose retreat is self-protection." Film market analyst Jiang Yong said. You don’t know the China film become "financial derivatives" in Jiang Yong’s view, the capital side is a double-edged sword to show its ferocious. These years along with the influx of capital inflows, indeed let the domestic market capacity from a few billion yuan quickly jumped to about forty billion yuan, but also to conceal the reality of the low level of creativity hovering. People in the movie enjoy unlimited scenery in the teeth of the storm at the same time, failed to come up with more let the audience willing to spend two hours to watch the movie." The film market researcher Liu Haodong also believes that the capital has been heavily involved in the film affects people’s mentality, "for the film ecology," quick money "was injured in the sinews or bones." The famous filmmaker Zhou Tiedong see more thoroughly, "the inherent power of the mainland film market was soaring is a film produced by the financial capital coerced, and many capital is not deliberate in the movie, but it is one of the many aspects of financial operation." Typical case Mo相关的主题文章: