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Shenyang: low household three no reason to refuse employment will be stopped for guaranteeing payment – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Shenyang November 2nd news (reporter Shi Qingwei) Rules for the implementation of the provisions of the minimum living security system of urban and rural residents in Shenyang city recently released: have the ability to work without justifiable reasons after three introduction still refused to post employment, plot serious person within 6 months shall not accept or apply for suspended low premiums, and included personal credit records. According to the new regulations, apply for and enjoy the urban and rural treatment personnel, shall be taken to conceal the family income and property, forgery proof materials and other means for security; low relief period, family economic status improved according to the provisions truthfully report the income and property, with the relevant departments to verify their family economic status; have the ability to work without employment should be public participate in the activities of community organization. Violators will not only be stopped for low premiums, the insurance impersonator will also be recovered. Shenyang also provides: the following cases are not for urban and rural residents: family housing area per capita is large or non residential housing, more than two real estate; gambling, drug abuse, prostitution and other illegal acts cause difficulties in family life and is not correct; frequent dining entertainment consumption or not in labor without justifiable reasons.相关的主题文章: