U.S. military confirmed the killing of is news minister responsible for the release of torture video-驯龙高手dm456


U.S. military confirmed the move killed IS, Minister of information is responsible for the release of torture video data figure: Turkey and the international coalition forces in northern Syria to combat the Islamic state". This is a village in Syria, which was taken in Gaziantep on August 24, 2016. Original title: French media: military air strikes killed IS confirmed that "press secretary" Reference News Network reported on September 18th French media said, The Pentagon said in September 16th that coalition forces killed the Islamic state organization in an air raid in Syria (IS) of a senior official, he was regarded as the "press secretary". Another attack a week ago cleared a senior leader of the group. Agence France-Presse reported on 16 September, The Pentagon spokesman Peter · Cook said, 7 days to launch coalition precision strike in the vicinity of the Syria La, known as "who killed the doctor" who · Hassan · Salman Adil · · Fayez. Syria is the capital city of La Islamic state organization in fact. Cook said: "who is responsible for the supervision of ‘Islamic state’ organization propaganda by the use of torture and executions of video." Cook, who described the Islamic state organization "is one of the most senior leaders, were killed in August 30th closely with the organization’s spokesman Adnane. He also said U.S. officials will continue to work with coalition partners to increase efforts to "defeat" the Islamic state.相关的主题文章: