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KBS "heart" poster Lee Guangzhu mushroom modelling "heart sound" poster "heart" Sina entertainment news   KBS TV drama "diffuse change heart" 10 open two official poster. Lee Guangzhu, micro-blog, Jeong Somin,, Jin Meijing, and their own comic characters were all featured in the poster in the poster. In the first poster, all the actors vividly perfectly engraved comic archetype expression and manner; and in the second poster, the actors wore with a white T-shirt, show the family portrait style, five people smile people can not help but after heart warm affection. "Voice of the heart," said: "the five actors and their own comic comic prototype together, and the role of the perfect fusion." At present, the shooting and post production of TV dramas have all ended. The hit comedy in the fall, so stay tuned." In addition, "the voice" adapted popular web comic since the serial for 10 years, has been completed, in November through the network open first open. Then the additional production of the TV Version, plans to broadcast on December in KBS. BNT news feeds [micro-blog] Wang Rongwen KBS map (: commissioning editor Taiwanese Meatballs)相关的主题文章: