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"Robinson Crusoe" file 10.14 small animal exposure notice our entertainment Sohu – "Robinson Crusoe" Adorable stirring version of a given file poster Robinson and Tuesday was used to travel around the world [Click to enter earth HD Photo] Sohu entertainment news today, 3D animated film "Robinson Crusoe" announced that the scheduled October 4th, and issued a set file notices and posters. The film tells the story of the ocean by an animal dominated island is a storm broke the quiet, "the casual visitor" Robinson and animal owners have staged a humorous encounter, weird chameleon, naive tapir, brave parrot have exhausted all manufacturing exhaust all the skills. The movie box office by the very animation studio NWAVE effort to build, will open a full of laughter adventure for the audience.     called "group Meng agitation" version of the poster amount of information, a stirring rope will be Robinson and Meng Meng animals are closely linked. The poster Robinson rope hand barefoot vacated obvious animal without happiness within, and pleasure, although insecure but Gexianshentong, can fly to fly to catch catch even the tongue come in handy. Chameleon Carmelo Jizhongshengzhi rolls the tongue sumiyama horn scene is the brain hole wide open, very Qiangjing tapir Luo hi the whole face is a capital "?" hilarious, and not far away on a wooden frame precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs and trees, the rope is connected with this, sinking in the sea sailing seems to herald a crisis. A storm that Robinson discovered the mysterious island in this new land, but the island owners did not prepare for new partners to prepare, perhaps long-term isolation makes the animal’s vision and thinking are very worry, even Robinson will stay the hedgehog skin peeling strip as goats eat Robinson more; but building materials; tongue the power of it. The chameleon card plot is Michael dog tease mero mengchuo bursting point. In the face of "Tom and Taylor" led by the two sides when the wildcat Legion unite against the enemy, not only The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea Gexianshentong battle of wits with the enemy, but will ability team played most incisive. In 2016, a number of high-quality animated film released after taking over, "Crazy", "big city animal pet," confidential "sea song", "Robinson Crusoe" became another long-awaited imported animated film. The film is Europe’s most global box office appeal to create animation studio NWAVE. "Wild Africa", "the moon adventure", "Sami adventure" and other films are from their hands. The "Robinson Crusoe" not only focus on God legend drifting Robinson, creates a group of vivid and adorable funny little animal image.相关的主题文章: