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National day to highlight the significance of the commemoration of the sixty-seventh anniversary of the people’s Republic of china. Over the past 67 years, like Pronto, and we this ancient oriental country has changed turn the world upside down changes, when the first two poor white, is now the second largest economy in the world, and continue to move in the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation Chinese dream journey. We should be proud and proud of our country. Our republic deserved 1 billion 300 million people to her passionately devoted. In the past, people rely on independent and free maintenance, protect our homes and defend our country together, the formation of ethnic and national identity in the us. As the song "my motherland" singing, "there are friends to the wine. If the wolf has come, meet it with shotgun". Chinese people not only stand up, it is rich, Chinese like today’s peace and prosperity, and never have ample food and clothing, gradually narrowing the gap with the developed countries. We have every reason to love this country deeply. The people’s national identity is flowing in their veins, into the ordinary life, but there are always some symbols and images, so that people’s feelings are externalized and expression. The establishment of National Day not to leave, but not for commercial prosperity, its original intention is to let people infiltration of national identity, the country and every citizen, every family associated with emotion. National Day does not exclude tourism and entertainment, but the national day or to the theme of the national day, through such a theme, to cultivate and awaken our sense of community. National Day theme can not be diluted consumption day, the national celebration of the elements need to fully highlight. Since the establishment of the "eleven" golden week, National Day was touted as an autumn holiday. In the streets of urban and rural areas, there are some elements of the national day. Tiananmen square flag raising ceremony, often attract tens of thousands of people to participate in. Many units of the same flag, hanging red lanterns to celebrate the National Day ", but also to see is more shopping discounts, as well as a variety of Golden Week travel daily, attractions and income statistics of the event. There has been criticism, National Day has quietly become consumerist carnival, people do not celebrate the people’s Republic of China’s birthday, but follow the trend is to leave even in idle away in seeking pleasure, rights are not effectively guarantee the uniform compensation of workers. No one will deliberate rejection of the national day of shopping, partying and recreation, but the country’s national symbol, the theme is not the absence of people, tied to the state and people’s feelings to show up. National Day can not be an ordinary holiday. National Day theme of a national day, should become the consensus of our society. National Day has a distinct political connotation, but it may not require the government to personally deploy and organize. National Day is to express the people’s recognition of the country, this identity needs to play a role in the wake of some factors. For example, the national cultural heritage, folk customs and inheritance of the "invention", such as street building, to the national flag as the theme of the cultural and sports activities, the community needs to carry out its efforts and continued, eventually forming a general social cultural consciousness. Prominent National Day the National Day theme, authorities also need to. Since the relevant departments for stimulating consumption need to set up the "eleven" golden week, consumerism.相关的主题文章: