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The Zhuhai airshow opening today China eight domestic equipment must (Figure) – Sohu military channel map information: 2016 Zhuhai exhibition opening soon, the Sohu military exploration Museum, to transport 20. 1 equipment: "black ribbon" f -20 since 2011, the first fighter -20 demonstrator in Chengdu first flight, which annihilates -20 fans gave the nickname "black ribbon". In the eleventh air show flight performance as air force test pilot will drive f -20 aircraft flight display, which is China independently developed a new generation of stealth fighter for the first time, the machine can emulate American production of F-22 fighter. By then, the black ribbon figure will be displayed in the sky over Zhuhai, worthy of attention.     the so-called flying display, namely conventional flight movements, including low pass, climb, roll, twists and turns, because it is highly confidential f -20 development phase, the ground is not suitable for display, so the flight with a glimpse of the way in this context, can let the fans feast for the eyes, and as for the disclosure of major military. 2 equipment: "Panniu" -20 -20 (Chinese Code: Y-20, Kun Peng, English: Xian Y-20) is Chinese transport aircraft, developed a new generation of jet heavy military transport aircraft, designed by the Aviation Industry Corp, Chinese first aircraft design and Research Institute of Xi’an aircraft industry group based manufacturing, and in January 26, 2013 the successful first flight. -20 and Chinese air force active duty IL -76, engine and electronic equipment has been improved greatly, the load is increased, the short runway performance. -20 transport aircraft R & D reference to the Russian IL -76 aerodynamic shape and body structure, characteristics and integration of the U. C-17. This machine adopts conventional layout, cantilever monoplane, and leading-edge sweep winglets, maximum takeoff weight of 220 tons, more than 66 tons, a maximum speed of over 800 km, 7800 km range > and a service ceiling of 13000 meters. High extensibility, high reliability and security. -20 as a large multi-purpose transport aircraft, in complex weather conditions, the implementation of a variety of materials and personnel long-distance air transport tasks. 3: "China equipment pterosaur version of" pterosaur "Global Hawk UAV is a China Chengdu aircraft design and Research Institute developed in low altitude dual-use, multi-purpose long endurance UAV, equipped with a 100 horsepower piston engine, with autonomous wheeled flat landing and flying ability, is Chinese UAV manufacturing field" alone star". Shape similar to the larger U.S. drone MQ-9, but the size and MQ-1 predator similar. The weight of 1.1 tons, 9 meters long, with a wingspan of 14 meters. "Pterosaur" can fly to an altitude of 5300 meters, the range of up to 4000 kilometers, can be used for military and non military action. Equipped with 4:VT-4 tanks at Zhuhai for the first time added nearly 10 football fields of dynamic demonstration area is large, the audience will be able to see the development of Chinese ordnance industry group VT-4 mbt,.相关的主题文章: