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Taiwan into the mainland to upgrade the tide no longer "nomadic" – Beijing, Beijing, September 27 Ningbo Xinhua (reporter Li Jia?) although already 65 years old, but rooted in Zhejiang Ningbo Taiwan has still to maintain information Moriaki wisdom and enthusiasm in the factory is also installed on the various types of electronic screen, everywhere the workshop on the wall, the two-dimensional code on the device, "wisdom factor" is active in a traditional manufacturing plant in the corner, to bring vitality into the enterprise transformation and upgrading. And once Moriaki, rooted in Ningbo for many years, the economic situation facing the adjustment and upgrade of pressure, many Taiwanese remain the first set foot on this fertile soil solid and vitality, and change the old mode of development, deepen industrial integration with the mainland. For those who have been living in the water, the Taiwanese businessmen, the attractiveness of the mainland market is moving from the cost to the market". With their focus on manufacturing, in the Ningbo Taiwan public record Town, Ningbo cross-strait youth entrepreneurship base ", to the mainland" Nuggets "Taiwan youth hit off the Internet more choice and cultural creative field. From the ecosystem Taiwan generation transformation and two generation of entrepreneurs ", can be seen in Taiwan is gradually rooted in the mainland, the mainland economy to adapt to the transformation and upgrading of the situation, into the new development strategy, development, sharing" business opportunities". Figure (China) for Jinfeng Machinery Industry Co Ltd everywhere in the two-dimensional code taken from "Li Jia? Try the temperature" to "root" complementary looking for cooperation opportunities in the office window, Moriaki had to look into the distance with the factory, the growth of the jointing building, thousands of thoughts. In Ningbo more than 21 years of Taiwan has Moriaki, Jinfeng (China) is the general manager of Mechanical Industrial Co. Ltd., early Taiwan investment is also landing. He recalled, had just open the mainland market has an irresistible attraction, "want to try," water ", and with a momentum and shipping. Pronto, Moriaki had a stay for more than and 20 years, and now he has rooted in this piece of land. "The two sides the same language, the same origin, whether living or business is very easy to" enter "." Similarly, to Ningbo for 15 years, Yang Zhentang also personally experience the development and change and unlimited business opportunities here. Dong Yu (Ningbo) oil industry limited company chairman Yang Zhentang said, the company has R & D center in Taiwan, mainland China as a production base, is conducive to the complementary advantages, resource sharing. "Taiwan land resources, and can have 36000 square meters of factory area in Ningbo, cross-strait cooperation are highly complementary, to invest in the mainland have a brilliant future." In addition, the Ningbo government services and policy support to moisten things silently, to escort the development of Taiwan enterprises. Yadeke International Group, business group general manager Li Huaiwen told reporters that Yadeke intends to invest 1 billion 500 million yuan expansion of the new factory, the enterprise sales headquarters in Ningbo. In addition to the geographical advantages of Ningbo, the government’s close service and efficiency of the enterprise is an important consideration for the group’s additional investment." Also, based on the Ningbo Zhenhai Ceng Shengming also lamented his election of the place, "in the transformation and upgrading of the situation)相关的主题文章: