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Hu Jun accompany Kang do the game bursts of laughter, the two are very handsome! Tencent entertainment news yesterday, the international design festival held in Beijing 751 opening ceremony, Hu Jun as a member of the international promotion of the 2016 751 International Design Festival invited to attend. In the afternoon activities parenting experience project, Hu Jun and Kankan surprise appearance, two people get together, Hu Jun holding cool debut into the Kankan event, so the scene screaming fans excited. The event, Hu Jun led the Kankan in the scene to watch and experience a lot of parent-child, father and son to play figure games, 3D sensory games, laughter burst out from time to time, sweet and warm infection around the staff and the fans, we have said that the size of President together too warm lovely. When the media asked at home often accompany Kankan playing the game, Hu Jun said: "I will accompany him to play all kinds of healthy love game, love the most healthy play Lego, although he will not, but also often accompany in side. This is also the representative of "Hu Jun" where Dad (watch) all the dads to attend this parent-child activities, he appealed to the community of dads must go to care about their children, spend more time to accompany the child, give the child a warm childhood. Subsequently, Hu Jun led Kang went to Lego classroom to play Lego project. Although this is not strong, but the son Kankan request and help, Hu Jun has completed his work at Lego side, and played their own advantages to the actors of their works tells a story full of beautiful, healthy son also praised "my father is a drama actor, this is his strength. Bad!" Hu Jun looked at his son laughing, a face of pride, two happy appearance, make some cool autumn more sunshine. The opening ceremony, Hu Jun as a mystery guest in their own brand of clothing, a military style domineering debut, followed with the International Design Festival honored guests to congratulate the ribbon. Hu Jun said, 751 for him, just as ambassadors, is also an important witness he become a designer and a place full of memories, he hopes to have more art here, 751 have better development. Hu Jun for the creation of men’s clothing brand platform that dress style to listen to her daughter相关的主题文章: