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A decoding Yi: thinking hard feelings and building (Photos) decoding item Yi: body thinking with feelings of building — a real estate mister road and dream of blood type A. Libra. According to the book of the argument, this kind of people calm and elegant, his face is always quiet, but in them, people can feel very peaceful atmosphere. They have a high taste in clothing but like to take a low profile. Strong personality, smart, enterprising, flexible and good question of the brain, often have extraordinary ideas. More importantly, they tend to have an excellent view of beauty and disgust the ugly side of the world. Whether you believe it or not – sign, when you get to know a group deputy general manager of ADA Yi, you will feel it is very accurate: Oh, a Yizhen is such a person! In the real estate sector for 20 years, 10 years as executive vice president of the Yi, actually have how forte, supported him in the strange and changeful estate market raging like a storm, a way to go today? Now, when he was carrying two, 88 Jiuxi ADA ADA boutique project is what battles bard, let him have no certainty of success and self-confidence? Nobody can casually succeed, what is the success of a Yi? Don’t worry, I like you, eager to decode a Yi, decoding the man mystery charm. The pursuit of the ultimate item Yi was born in 1971 in Xinjiang production and Construction Corps, parents are educated in Shanghai. The small child grew up in adobe room, did not think of herself one day, with house building, forged indissoluble bound. When he was 10 years old, he returned to Shanghai with his parents. When he lived in Xujiahui, the house was very small, and the environment was noisy. So he didn’t want to stay at home at the time, and ran away whenever he had time. Perhaps, it is because of poor housing conditions in childhood, let a Yi later regardless of their own house, or to participate in the construction of real estate, have a very harsh and critical pursuit. The Shanghai Institute of Political Science and Law law professional graduate, after graduating in 1994, but the choice was also beginning of foreign real estate enterprise as the starting point of his career. He first started from the market research and began to draw maps and write investigative reports everyday. In order to be precise, the boss asked them to investigate in the way of walking. He said to him, "you are my eyes, you are wrong, I am wrong." But the occupation they must wear long sleeves, a Yi still remember when he, one day down, shirts will be wet several times. It is also time to develop the occupation accomplishment, let a Yi regardless of the weather reheat, do not wear short sleeved. At that time, the boss also asked his research report, "don’t let me change a word", and Yi did his research report, from the initial several sheets of paper to a dozen pieces of paper, the boss will be changed to the later real word does not change. But in a Yi left, his research report by the company as a model, develop a later staff plan. Then he did sales in this company, and he did the same as the sales champion. Because he did well in his work, he was soon caught up by another large housing company. In less than 3 months, he still did the sales champion and became Vice President of the housing company. This is a Yi, no matter what to do to the extreme, so wonderful. Life is like, such as the director of housing, is Yiru. He said, the platoon villa now he lived in Shanghai Shikumen style, is the moment when he entered the gate area, I decided to buy it, the Suzhou garden natural elegant, Qujingtongyou, let him feel the whole body and mind are quiet. This is also his original intention of insisting on the new Chinese style and Suzhou gardens. Nowadays, the pace of urban life is faster and faster. We should slow down the body and let the soul follow. A Yi said today a lot of residential style are all the same, regardless of their geographical features, climate factors, blindly copying the European architecture. The new Chinese style and Suzhou gardens that they insist on are not only the most basic greening, but also the pursuit of landscape and culture. They are the combination of traditional culture and modern architecture culture, and are the collision between southern garden art and northern climate characteristics. "Although Harbin winter long, but Suzhou style garden is more than plants, there are stone, water, ancient architecture, and in the winter, silhouetted against the snow, will become more beautiful, more flavor." Of course, in Harbin to promote this style development is not easy, don’t say the installation of Taihu stone artisans in the north can not find, even the effect map of Harbin no company can do it, in order to do these items, they can only go to Suzhou, Shanghai Yi find expert. "We go to the new Chinese style, is not a simple accumulation of symbols, every detail has a moral good, a Yina with renderings of the photos one by one to our interpretation: the wall of the bat logo, a symbol (wall) will be blessed (BAT), meaning the words of blessing patterns." the head of wealth, to the longevity pattern, to convey the "longevity mountain" the good wishes, the wall of dragon pattern, the descendants of the dragon and Longjiang people of Italy, even the word imitation Tongmen pattern is "speaking": Kaimenjianxi. A Yi said: "we want our tenants to come back every day to see these, will feel very happy." Which is out of consideration of a Yi "brand products figurative, like a Yiyong mobile phone only" apple ", in his view, establish their own unique style, by increasing the added value of products, to increase the profit of the products, the Internet is thinking of Wang tao. In the eyes of a Yi, a house, a small, when can make you reluctant to leave, when can make you more love, is the real home. Bo Xan Barker, a famous contemporary architect in France, said: "when we design buildings, we use our body to think". That is to say, the design and construction of a building must take into account the needs of humanization. One is the "Yi body". In a conversation with her, you will be surprised to find that his grasp of some of the data, it is familiar, such as wardrobe, refrigerator, washing machine size, he is the mouth, because only master these, in the design of the apartment layout to be able to do the most reasonable and suitable. A Yi said, in order to ADA, ADA 88 Jiuxi these two projects, all ready for three years, spent a lot of time and energy, to study how the space and scale is that people are most comfortable. For example, a Yihui, restaurant axis must reach 3 meters, because they found that only the scale, can let one family sitting around, "we will not allow our family households can only eat at the wall", in order to do this, careful study Yi not only consider the size of the furniture to. Even the chair opened the distance, the distance of the normal traffic corridor are taken into account. There is an item Yi situation is not allowed, so the design of fan-shaped bathtub, diamond type bathtub in their bathroom, "functional area to the US must give enough" in their designs, the smallest apartment layout the bathrooms are 7 meters, enough to accommodate the toilet, bathtub, washing machine, hands and pots, without expanding the area of the original foundation, can do all this is secret, making full use of space, do not let the housing area have no waste. A Yi told us such a detail, he once was the kitchen after room size, after home how did not think how too right, then immediately return the weight, we found a few blocks from, Yi described his state was a "body sweat out" let architects back immediately re design, he said, fortunately it is found in time, or the whole building design may have to change all. "What if a piece of brick is missing?" A Yi replied: "not, but uncomfortable", the reporter noted, "uncomfortable" he repeated the word for two or three times, we can see that he is very concerned about. When you hear a Yi said: "we made is not a house, we do not products is work", you can easily understand why he was so concerned about these. In the real estate sector, a suspension of the most respected person is Song Weiping, "because he dared to continue to deny themselves, do not it all smashed again, while he was in the most difficult times, it is only by his reputation came alive." In Yi’s dictionary, seems never to have the word "difficult", "never more than difficult, when a reporter asked what he encountered in the occupation career the most difficult, a Yi just laughed and said such a sentence, clear. Take 88 of these two ADA, ADA nine projects sales, according to the arrangement of the company, the sales offices to be opened in August 15th, but until August 6th Yi they haven’t found the right window, the early morning of August 7th to sign the rental contract, only a week time decoration. At this time, they were not even a salesperson. They only began to recruit 8 days ago, 4 days’ recruitment and 3 days’ training. They were managed by standardized management and systematized operation. A Yi said, he is not the best recruit sales, never mind, as long as the basic quality of clearance, have confidence to bring them out. "My training doesn’t cultivate their so-called sales skills, and only let them talk about products to customers," I often say with them: don’t think they are smarter than customers. So, in a Yi class, not what operation manual, only the product brochure. "Optimistic optimists pass, pessimism is a pessimist’s epitaph", it is relying on this point, a Yi in their own occupation career in a way. In Yi’s WeChat circle of friends, you can see he wrote such a sentence: "to face a strong opponent, not knowing the enemy, but also decided sword, even if the fall, to become a mountain, a ridge! This is how awe inspiring, how to pull off, what a pleasure, what a spirit! The sword spirit is when you encounter insurmountable difficulties, you have to be brave to face the failure is not terrible, the most terrible is that you don’t even have the courage to face." A Yi is a person who loves life, his spare time, love fitness, playing golf, playing on a pipe or engage in photography, and not simply to play, as long as the play, he must play tricks. Whether it is exercising or playing golf, a certain Yi should invite professional coach to guide themselves, often have to spend a lot of time reading, watching videos, playing constantly pondering; batted, photography, he is the equipment faction, such as he is now by Leica, with 50 fixed focus lens, aperture 0.95, known as "the world’s most bright eyes". He usually love, with the camera to see the street, the old buildings, to the very ordinary place, like the road outside, food market, wharf…… Use your own eyes to capture the human landscape and let your mind relax. The Ming Dynasty Zhang Dai said: "people have hobbies and can not be delivered, with no deep love. People can not make clear and, with no true also." A man of hobbies, is a focus on the people, interesting people, perhaps it is this attention, let him in the occupation career in real estate talent shows itself, standing, and it is interesting because, he can make the houses so delicate, so comfortable, so have the breath. The expenditure or Yi circle of friends in the word as the ending: "hard straight run, do not know where the end point, perhaps never the end point, not necessarily the same as Agam fools have fortune, but never stop the pace of progress, tomorrow the sun still rises, everything will be better……" This sentence seems to me and heard a saying: "a person with different approaches but equally satisfactory results, true happiness is not to stay in the light, but from a distance stares at the light, ran towards it, the work time, is life really full." The man who said that was Ando Tadao, the master of Japanese architecture. This is what I can for you Yi decoding, if you can understand him, will choose to believe him, believe in him, that he had done. That’s it. 解码项轶:用心思考 用情怀筑房(组图)   解码项轶:用身体思考 用情怀筑房   ――一个地产老总的路与梦   A型血。   天秤座。   按照相书上的说法,这一类人淡定而优雅,脸上总是平平静静的,但是,在他们身边,人们可以感受到非常安定的气氛。他们衣着品位很高却喜欢走低调路线。个性坚强、聪明、进取,具有灵活而好质问的脑子,常有非凡的构想。更重要的是,他们往往具有卓越的审美观,十分厌恶人世间丑陋的一面。   无论你信不信血型星座,当你认识爱达集团副总经理项轶之后,你一定都会觉得这上面说得非常准:哦,项轶真的就是这样的人啊!   在地产界摸爬滚打了20年,10年一直做常务副总的项轶,究竟有着何等过人之处,支撑着他在风起云涌、诡谲变幻的地产市场一路走到今天?如今,当他携爱达九溪、爱达88两个精品项目再战冰城,又是什么让他有着必胜的把握和自信?   没有人会随随便便成功,项轶的成功之道又是什么?   别急,其实我和你们一样,迫切地希望解码项轶,解码这个男人身上谜一样的魅力。   追求极致   项轶1971年出生在新疆生产建设兵团,父母都是上海知青。这个打小在土坯房里长大的孩子,并没有想到自己有一天,会跟房子、建筑结下不解之缘。在他10岁那年,和父母回到上海,当时住在徐家汇,房子也很小,而且环境嘈杂,让那时的他,根本不愿意在家里多待,一有时间就往外跑。也许,正是因为童年时住房条件的简陋,让项轶后来无论对自己居住的房子,还是参与建设的楼盘,都有着异常苛刻的挑剔与追求。   这个上海政法学院法律专业的高材生,1994年毕业后,却选择了当时还刚刚起步的房地产外资企业,作为自己事业的起点。他最早从市场调研开始做起,每天要绘制地图、写调查报告,为了精准,老总要求他们必须用走的方式做调查,跟他说:“你就是我的眼睛,你判断错了,我就错了。”而且职业要求他们必须穿长袖,项轶至今还记得,那时候的他,一天下来,衬衫都会湿好几回。也正是那时候养成的职业素养,让项轶不管天气再热,也不会穿短袖。   那时候,老总还要求他的调研报告,“不要让我改一个字”,而项轶也确实做到了,他的调研报告从最初的几张纸到十几张纸,从老板会有所改动到后来真的一字不改。而且在项轶走后,他的调研报告被这家企业作为范本,成为培养后来员工的教案。   后来在这家公司做销售,他也同样做到了销售冠军。因为工作成绩出色,他很快被另一家更大的房企相中,在那里,不到3个月的时间,他依然做到了销售冠军,并当上了这家房企的副总。   这就是项轶,无论做什么都要做到极致,做到精彩。做人如是,干事如是,造房亦如是。   他说,如今他在上海住的石库门风格的联排别墅,是当时他一走进小区大门的那一刻,就决定买下来的,那种苏州园林的自然雅致、曲径通幽,让他整个身心都觉得静下来了。   这也是他一直坚持做新中式风格和苏州园林的初衷,“如今,都市人的生活节奏越来越快了,我们应该让身体慢下来,让灵魂跟上来。”   项轶说,如今很多小区的风格都千篇一律,不考虑自己的地域特点、气候因素,盲目照搬欧式建筑。而他们坚持做的新中式风格和苏州园林,不单是最基础的绿化,更是有景观、有文化意义上的追求,是传统文化和现代建筑文化的结合,是南方园林艺术与北方气候特点的碰撞。“虽然哈尔滨冬季漫长,但苏州园林风格不止是绿植,还有石、有水、有古建,而到了冬天,有雪的映衬,就会变得更漂亮、更有味道了。”   当然,想在哈尔滨推广这种风格的楼盘也并不容易,不要说安装太湖石的工匠在北方根本找不到,就连效果图哈尔滨也没有一家公司能够做出来,为了做好这些,项轶他们只能去苏州、上海寻找高人。   “我们追去新中式风格,不是简单符号的堆积,每一个细节都有其美好的寓意”,项轶拿着效果图的照片一一给我们解读:那壁上的蝙蝠图案,象征着必(壁)定有福(蝠),万字福图案,寓意着“富贵不断头”,地上的寿字图案,传达着“福寿连绵”的美好祝愿,照壁上的龙图案,取龙的传人和龙江人之意,就连仿铜门上的喜字图案也是“有讲的”:开门见喜。项轶说:“我们要让我们的住户,每天回来看到这些,就会觉得自己很幸福。”   而这些,也是出于项轶对产品“品牌具象化”的考量,就像项轶用手机只用“苹果”一样,在他看来,树立自己独特的风格,通过增加产品的附加值,来增加产品的利润,才是互联网思维的王道。   在项轶看来,一所房子、一个小区,当能让你不愿离开的时候,当能让你越来越恋家的时候,才是真正的家。   法国当代著名建筑家鲍赞巴克说:“当我们设计建筑时,我们用身体思考”,也就是说,一个建筑的设计与建造,一定要考虑到人性化的需求。而项轶就是这样的“身体思考者”。   在与项轶的交谈中,你会吃惊地发现,他对一些数据的掌握,简直是如数家珍,比如衣柜、冰箱、洗衣机的大小尺寸,他都是张口就来,因为只有掌握这些,在设计户型的时候才能够做到最合理适宜。项轶说,为了爱达九溪、爱达88这两个项目,他们整整准备了三年,用了大量的时间和精力,来研究怎样的空间和尺度才是让人最舒服的。   比如项轶会要求,餐厅的轴线必须达到3米,因为他们研究发现,只有这个尺度,才可以让一家人团团围坐,“我们决不允许让我们的业户只能全家对着墙壁吃饭”,为了做到这一点,细心的项轶不单考虑到桌椅的尺寸,甚至椅子拉开的距离,人的正常通行过道的距离都考虑在内了。   项轶还有一个不允许出现的情况是,在他们的卫生间里出现扇形浴缸、钻石型浴缸这样的设计,“该给的功能性面积我们一定要给足”,在他们的设计里,最小户型的卫生间都有7米,足以容纳马桶、浴缸、洗衣机、双手盆,而在不扩大原有面积的基础上,能够做到这一切的秘诀就是,充分合理地利用空间,不让房屋面积有丝毫的浪费。   项轶跟我们说了这样一个细节,有一次他量完厨房开间的尺寸,回家之后怎么寻思怎么觉得哪里不太对劲儿,于是立刻返回重量,发现少了一块砖的距离,项轶形容自己当时的状态:“全身的汗都冒了出来”,立刻让建筑师也赶回来重新设计,他说,幸好这是及时发现,要不整个楼的设计可能都要全部随之更改。   “如果少了一块砖,会怎样?”项轶的回答是:“不是不能用,但是不舒服”,记者注意到,“不舒服”这个词他重复了足有两三遍,能够看出他非常在意。      当你听到项轶说:“我们造的不是房子,是家,我们做的不是产品,是作品”,你就很容易理解他为何如此在意这些了。在地产界,项轶最敬重的人是宋卫平,“因为他敢不断否定自己,干的不好就全砸了重来,而他在最困难的时候,也正是靠他的信誉才活了过来。”      在项轶的字典里,似乎从来就没有“困难”这个词,“方法永远都比困难多”,当记者问到他在职业生涯中所遇到的最大的困难时,项轶只是笑着说了这么一句,云淡风轻。   就拿爱达九溪、爱达88这两个项目的销售来说,按照公司的安排,售楼处要在8月15日正式开业,但直到8月6日项轶他们还没有找到合适的门面,8月7日一早才签的租房合同,只有一个星期的时间装修。而此时,他们更是连一个销售员都没有,8日才开始正式招聘,4天招聘,3天培训,靠着标准化管理,系统化运作,项总愣是带出了一支一流的销售队伍。   项轶说,他招销售,是不是最好的没关系,只要基本素质过关,就有信心把他们带出来。“我的培训,不培养他们所谓的销售技巧,而只让他们给客户讲产品,我跟他们常说的一句话就是:不要以为自己比客户聪明。”所以,在项轶的课堂上,没有什么话术手册,只有产品介绍手册。   “乐观是乐观者的通行证,悲观是悲观者的墓志铭”,正是靠着这一点,项轶在自己的职业生涯中,一路通行。   在项轶的微信朋友圈中,可以看到他写下的这样一句话:“面对强大的对手,明知不敌,也要毅然亮剑,即使倒下,也要成为一座山,一道岭!这是何等的凛然,何等的决绝,何等的快意,何等的气魄!亮剑精神是指当你遇到无法克服的困难时,你也要勇敢的去面对,失败并不可怕,而最可怕的是你连面对的勇气都没有。”   项轶是一个热爱生活的人,业余时间的他,喜欢健身、打高尔夫,玩烟斗、搞摄影,而且不是简单地玩玩,只要玩,他就一定要玩出个名堂。   无论是练健身还是打高尔夫,项轶一定都要请专业教练来指导自己,往往还要花上大量的时间看书、看视频,反复推敲,不断琢磨;玩摄影,他是器材派,比如他现在用的莱卡相机,配的就是50定焦镜头,0.95的光圈,被称为“全世界最明亮的眼睛”。他平时,喜欢带着相机去扫街,看那些老建筑,去那些很市井的地方,像老道外、菜市场、码头……用自己的眼睛捕捉人文风景,让自己的心灵得以放松。   明朝遗民张岱有云:“人无癖不可与交,以其无深情也。人无疵不可与交,以其无真气也。”一个有癖好的人,一定是一个专注的人,有趣的人,也许,正是这份专注,让他在地产的职业生涯中脱颖而出,屹立不倒,而正是因为有趣,他才可以把房子盖得那么精致、那么舒适,那么有文化气息。       还是用项轶朋友圈中的话来作为结尾吧:“努力一直往前奔跑,不知道哪里终点,也许永远没有终点,不一定会像阿甘一样傻人有傻福,但永远不要停止前进的脚步,明天的太阳照样升起,一切会更好……”这句话似乎与我听到过的一句名言异曲同工,遥相呼应:“一个人真正的幸福不是待在光明之中,而是从远处凝望光明,朝它奔去,就在那拼命忘我的时刻,才有人生真正的充实。”说那句话的人,是日本建筑大师安藤忠雄。   这就是我能为你解码的项轶,如果你能读懂他,也就会选择相信他,相信他这个人,相信他所做的事。就这样。相关的主题文章: