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India’s father raised his sick daughter in the torrent, and trudged for 2 hours to seek medical treatment, the public welfare channel, October 8th. No matter where in the world, father’s love was implicit and great. According to the daily mail of the UK, a father in India has been carrying his little daughter in the top of his head for 2 hours in the flood, and sees a doctor in the opposite hospital. Panj Saitip Babu (Pangi Satibabu) in a small village in Andhra Pradesh, India, severe floods recently makes the village roads flooded, near the hospital was flooded, and Sethi Babu’s 6 month old daughter, but at this time, high fever, critical condition. In this case, for the sake of her daughter’s safety, he took her daughter to see the doctor regardless of his family’s dissuade. His hands held her daughter through the torrent, and the water was nearly drowned in his neck, but he walked forward. After 2 hours, his daughter finally got to the hospital and was out of danger after treatment. It is understood that at present, Andhra Pradesh has 20 days of continuous rains, causing severe floods, causing local 40% impassable roads, seriously affecting people’s travel. The local villagers is undoubtedly the most affected, the day had to keep close at home to a normal life. Source: global network

印度父亲高举患病女儿 洪流中跋涉2小时求医-公益频道   10月8日消息,无论在世界哪一处,父爱都是含蓄而伟大的。据英国《每日邮报》,近日,印度一位父亲将他尚在襁褓中的小女儿举过头顶,在洪水中跋涉了2个小时,到对面的医院看病。   潘吉 赛提巴布(Pangi Satibabu)住在印度安得拉邦的一个小村庄,近日的严重洪涝使得村庄的道路被淹,附近的医院也被淹没,而赛提巴布6个月大的女儿却在此时高烧不退,情况危急。在此情况下,为了女儿的安危,他不顾家人劝阻,带着女儿去看病。他双手托着女儿穿过洪流,水深处几近淹过他的颈部,但他还是义无反顾地向前走去。经过2小时后,他的女儿终于顺利到达医院,经治疗后已脱离危险。   据了解,目前,安得拉邦已连续降雨20天,引发严重洪涝灾害,导致当地40%的道路不通,严重影响民众出行。而当地村民无疑最受影响,只得整日闭门不出,无法正常生活。   来源:环球网相关的主题文章: