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Shenzhen traffic police official micro-blog released a photo with "21 mid autumn night drunken drivers" on the morning of September 16th. In the photo the drunk driving lying in the locked room spread all across in confusion, many of them slept very heavy. According to the public information of Shenzhen traffic police, late yesterday and early this morning, the traffic police dispatched to catch the drunken driving and drunken driving. "The Shenzhen traffic police detective brigade responsible for the special disposal of drunken cat" is also full of love and blessings in the heart. They have prepared the moon cakes, but they really don’t want the ‘drunken cat’ to enjoy it. " In this regard, some netizens said "must praise", "the Mid Autumn Festival is infinitely good, is drunk ~ don’t drive, just drunk", "funny and sad", also the netizen Tucao bed are not short of conditions "," I thought it was so overcrowded that point, it seems in the face no Wifi, can not play mobile phone". The netizen of police Milo said distressed police Milo are but the Mid Autumn Festival?" And netizens offer sincere advice that "wine driving is dangerous driving, causing a serious threat to the safety of life and property of others and others." Shenzhen traffic police awesome, and a traffic safety". Remind you, the Mid Autumn Festival is more cautious driving, to comply with traffic regulations, not to defy the law, otherwise, careful police Milo accompany you through the Mid Autumn Festival. Shenzhen Longhua traffic police in the early morning to check the wine driving, 00:05 points, a man blowing alcohol rapid test instrument test, the value of 129mg 100ml, has formed drunk driving. Shenzhen Longhua police micro-blog with the text we look at this value, what".

交警发图醉驾者的中秋夜 网友:好笑又心酸   9月16日清晨,深圳交警官方微博发布一张照片,并配以文字“21名醉驾者的中秋夜”。照片中醉驾者横七竖八躺在大门紧锁的室内,许多都睡的挺沉。   据深圳交警公开信息,昨天深夜和今天凌晨,交警出动抓酒驾、醉驾,“负责专门处置‘醉猫’的深圳交警侦查大队值班兄弟,心中也装了满满的爱和祝福。他们备好了月饼,可是他们真心不希望‘醉猫’来这里享用。”   对此,有网友称“必须点赞”、“中秋无限好,就是喝醉了~不开车,随便醉”、“好笑又心酸”,也有网友吐槽“床都没有,条件有点差”、“我还以为会人满为患呢,才这么点”、“看来里面没Wifi,不能玩手机”。   有网友对交警蜀黍表示心疼“交警蜀黍们都不过中秋吗?”、还有网友给出诚恳建议“酒驾是危险驾驶,给自己和他人生命财产安全造成严重威胁。深圳交警给力,保一方交通安全”。   记者提醒大家,中秋节更需谨慎驾驶,要遵守交通法规,勿以身试法,否则,小心警察蜀黍陪你过中秋哦。   深圳龙华交警今天凌晨严查酒驾,00:05分,一名男子吹酒精快测仪测试,数值为129mg 100ml,已经构成醉驾。深圳龙华交警微博配文“大家看看这数值,咋办”。相关的主题文章: