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Science | Tim "color" for the benefit for pregnancy, fetal education – Sohu maternal color can affect people’s spirit and emotion, strange colors like noise, can let a person feel restless, and pleasing color coordination makes people feel very comfortable and enjoy. Pregnant mothers, not only can skillfully use color to adjust the mood, can also according to the color on the human body through the visual effects of color to do more beneficial to fetal education, baby’s visual development! Clever use of color to regulate the mood during pregnancy, in general, the red people excited, excited, yellow make people feel warm, blue people calm, green refreshing. Suitable for the mother of the color is a cold color, such as green, blue, white and light color (such as powder, light cyan). Cool is conducive to emotional stability, let the mothers keep a tranquil mind; shallow and warm colors make mothers feel warm. Mothers should not be more contact with red, black, gray and so on the impact of the strong color, so as not to produce irritability or fear, sadness and other negative emotions, affect fetal growth and development. Mothers can consciously choose pale decorate life: Maternity can buy a light blue, light pink, naked color lighter colors, curtains, bedding, table cloth can be replaced with light green, light yellow etc.. It is suitable for people to feel calm and comfortable. Benefit from the birth of the baby fetal education color visual development mother flowers, don’t forget to let your baby in. See the flower to describe the color, the color can give a person what feeling, and what describe the flower of the poem can be said to the baby. The fruit is also can be riotous with colour, give your baby to do color fetal education. What color is the apple, different apples have different colors, what color they like to eat apples, etc.. Enjoy painting, in addition to appreciate its implication, image, lines, but also to enjoy the color of your baby, tell a picture with what color, what color and color collocation good fusion, which two color can form third colors, this color has what characteristics. Of course, these colors are not to say to see even if, it is best to form an impression in their minds. Do not forget, only the mother with the baby to communicate with the fetus, fetal baby can feel oh!相关的主题文章: