Yuan Chengjie food 2 talk about Wang Sicong said he is also rich 纪元1701


Yuan Chengjie "Wang Sicong" on the 2 food giants Yuan Chengjie said he is "II", Wu Xiaomin guest Yuan Chengjie broke the big dish "food II" boasts rich Yuan Chengjie and Qi Wei said only a friend from Yuan Chengjie durian to create three dishes Sina entertainment news more than and 10 years ago "my show" the time, there was a man in the the draft deus ex, through the red sky. Especially in the border of Shanghai, the people said that even he is known to every family, they all don’t have to pay for a taxi to go out. Who the hell is he? It is the national husband Wang Sicong’s friend Yuan Chengjie, now Yuan Chengjie is not only a great artist, is also an excellent businessman, he created the "Xiang Xing Kee fried has even opened in Hongkong. And tonight, Anhui TV broadcast all star sports life show delicacy "who is your dish" in the second season, Yuan Chengjie and reveal their own family life, the marriage is done by Wang Sicong and he will be exposed. What material? Wang Sicong is the daughter of Yuan Chengjie who is the godfather of giants "vegetable II", the most interesting way to Yuan Chengjie and her husband Wang Sicong, and former national "beauty and the geek" combination partner Qi Wei’s relationship. A good friend to Wang Sicong, but Yuan Chengjie is so demanding, in the links of the feast is cooking? When it comes to own a pair of children, whether the host Li Xiangwen Yuan Chengjie will have some other artists for his relatives. Yuan Chengjie said, "at that time to do a full moon party, the maximum award is form relatives and their son, but if it is a boy, barely and small steamed stuffed bun (Yuan Chengjie’s daughter) together with friends, after all, Wang Sicong is my daughter’s godfather, so my family is also a luxury door", so hard background, no wonder Yuan Chengjie refused to help her daughter to marry. Qi Wei said the whole face embarrassing said just try to stay aloof besides Wang Sicong and buddy, Li Xiang Qi Wei is in his school girl name to Yuan Chengjie stone, "torture" did Yuan Chengjie and Qi Wei together, Yuan Chengjie full face embarrassment, busy for his wife Chen Qianqian loyalty. After all, as Yuan Chengjie’s partner in Beijing, many people thought the Yuan Chengjie and Qi Wei married, but tonight "II" food program, Yuan Chengjie said open up between himself and Qi Wei never is a good buddy, even a second there is no better, even a hand are not, is a pure friendship. Of course, Yuan Chengjie is the standard henpecked, outside acting, in order to let the wife rest assured that any contact does not keep the actress, even micro-blog are not concerned. Yuan Chengjie said, "do not want to be able to make friends with those female actors are not happy," is a good example of a good man in Shanghai. The restaurant owner itself as Shanghai man to Joseph Yuan Chengjie!相关的主题文章: