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Prosecutors call when the witness is liar and finally personally come according to the "Labor News" reported that prosecutors call the relevant personnel in different places to provide testimony, but often regarded as a liar, finally had to go to the local, have increased the cost of justice. The small village is a new Minhang District procuratorate anti corruption Bureau recently, corruption together in handling the cases of bribery, received a testimony of the circumstantial evidence forensics personnel tasks. Circumstantial evidence officers Liang male, more than and 40 years old, XX, XX, XX, now retired leave, before retiring in A company as a financial office, responsible for the financial accounts, data storage and other aspects of the work. Small village several units picked up the phone call in the past, that he is in Shanghai Minhang District City People’s Procuratorate anti corruption Bureau staff, the other said a "liar" directly hang up the phone. Finally, he said, "if you call again, I’ll call the police."!" Small Lu Liang then to send a message, the identity of prosecutors and police officers, inform the need to obtain the testimony by telephone, and the need to provide relevant information account. In addition, also told the Procuratorate’s address, telephone, extension number and other information, let him call back unit switchboard number, then the extension number. At this time, Xiao Lu’s phone rang, it was a phone beam. "Are you really a prosecutor? Why call back phone number is empty? Certainly is a liar, even with what operator, extension number to deceive me! Don’t call me again!" "How can you?" A small village with questions to ask the technical department colleagues. Because the original telephone call, dial out the phone number is randomly generated by the switch, call back if there may be empty. The small village and via SMS to Liang explained some related content of bribery, but after several negotiations, Liang still refused to cooperate with the investigation to the procuratorate. In desperation, only to a small village where the beam. According to Liang said, "you can call, send messages, and did not see what kind of things, I know where you are really fake. The news also said that public security calls to beware of liars." The small village feeling, telecommunications fraud is rampant in all six state of extreme nervousness., extreme publicity and Telecommunications fraud prevention summary ", which is that there is a" received a phone call, as long as it comes is the tax authorities or public security cadres, will hang up ", not only to give him the new life movement on the prosecution the lesson is more important to be added to the nation’s judicial cost. Fake police judges and prosecutors "fraud (the video for extension) fingertips, at any time the illegal traffic! Sweep under the two-dimensional code, focus on Tencent Dashen network! Welcome to pay attention to the big Tencent Shen Wangwei letter (micro signal: dashenw)相关的主题文章: