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Please don’t worry about the work of the first directed by Li Chen to Fan Bingbing: actress. – Beijing, Beijing, October 10, according to Taiwan "China times news, Fan Bingbing and her boyfriend Li Chen generous love, two people often attended the public, and in the Spring Festival this year, he even has followed the woman home to eat family reunion dinner married, it seems only a matter of time, because the two career, almost rarely have time to cultivate their feelings, Fan Bingbing had to complain" love too little time, even the Li Chen choupai upgraded the director’s debut, please don’t worry are to each other when the protagonist. Li Chen recently to buy a dress manufacturer contact, it is because he is preparing for his first film work, the story will be revealed to the air force for the subject, asked whether Fan Bingbing will play for the show? Li Chen admits there is a chance, but now just in the San Sebastian International Film Festival Best Actress Award for the Spanish silver shell, career to new heights, it seems difficult to go to a trip full of files, so that he could not help feeling "actress ah". For the growing gap between the two sides, as her boyfriend will be under pressure? Li Chen bluntly they the award has not been particularly great desire, at this stage only eager to have a good role to play, "this is actually something needs to be done in the future if the award before, I really have a good role with a good script, a good team, I think the fact that (my) awards with her should be parallel." As for the outside world concerned about the marriage, Li Chen said that with Fan Bingbing has not planned, everything is to let nature take its course.相关的主题文章: