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"Octopus lottery]13 Daily: Qi in yunan! Holland Hungary war concentrated welcome everyone to read Sunday’s World Cup octopus daily, like a raging fire this week the world’s major area for the removal of the fierce competition itself, recently also had many interesting stories outside. Charm is difficult to block! Loew’s translation becomes many younger sister in Beijing time on November 12th at the end of a pre world Europe, Germany’s 8-0 victory over the San Marino, the process of the game is one-sided, and there is no unexpected results. But after the occurrence of an episode may be worth mentioning, the press conference after the game Loew sat around the female translator because in the conference were too excited and had syncope, had to change another translation. According to the German "Bild" reported that Loew was talking about Gomes’s problems, and this side of Italy female translator Martina hand rubbed an explanation of his forehead and said: "I am sorry I have to stop, I feel I am not too good." Subsequently, the German team spokesman to be helped out of the conference site. But the story is not over yet. A sitting in the audience, from Austria but living in Italy lady volunteered to serve as interim translation. But this woman named Katerina also because of the tension goes awry, she first put Loew’s words in German to repeat it again, but not in Italian translation. Loew has also been patient, and comfort her a little calm, the final press conference to proceed smoothly. Luxemburg teacher goalkeeper was sent to finish the task of the students lost sister, we pay attention to a story about the fans. Beijing time on November 14th at 1 a.m., the world pre A group of a game, Holland will be on the road to challenge Luxemburg. The team’s first choice goalkeeper Luxemburg has indeed had the national team appearances Ralph schauen zero, in addition to Luxemburg of the club’s goalkeeper, Shaun Welch and an identity is a local school teacher. This contest, in addition to lose to secure the door or less, he has an important task. Learn to participate in the match against Holland, schauen students in its report to the national team, specially gave him a little book, and asked him after the game to find the Holland star Robben signature, under the tense atmosphere of the game, the story is added to a lot of music (Entertainment (Dou) Bi color). Come true! Boulter Pro Cheng will shortly before the trial with Dortmund Octopus daily have with you mentioned Jamaica sprinter Boulter Mourinho to cover the recent anecdotes, this drama appeared again in the sequel, told the British "Guardian" interview with reporters, Jamaica "lightning" made it clear that he is to consult with my family and friends can see to become a football player at the end of the track and field career. More alarming news is that Boulter has made contact with the German giants Dortmund, in the near future, he is expected in Germany and the "hornet" in a short period of two days of training. We can make up the brain now, Dortmund striker Aubameyang Boulter and if it becomes a combination of the picture of Jane)相关的主题文章: