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Jiangxi Jing’an branch monks compulsory fire team   not only guarding the house as neighbors "patron saint" – Jiangxi Channel – Jingan October 10, (Shi Yu) brought fire, many people will think of first professional fire fighters, in fact, a group of monks in the monastery in Jiangxi Jingan BaoFeng, they fire "Kung Fu is not inferior to the fire fighters. This group of monks in the temple not only housekeeping nursing homes, but also actively promote charity, take on 15 kilometers around the fire and rescue. The fire brigade is held by 14 monks, is the largest number of players in Jiangxi Province, the most complete fire equipment, fire funds the most adequate, the most important task of fire, the most extensive range of radiation, the fire brigade. BaoFeng temple is located in Jiangxi province BaoFeng Jingan County town of Pearl peak, creating more than 1200 years, has been the world’s resort of Buddhism’s dojo. The temple has a wooden structure of ancient buildings, flammable materials, plus tourists, many believers worship incense, paper and other combustible material, increasing the probability of fire in the temple. From 1993 BaoFeng temple reconstruction since the three fires in BaoFeng Temple practice for many years for a master Chang witnessed: because the temple incense hanging on the rope was the mouse cut down the curtain, incense burning; a plastic on the table for flowers incense grilled; third pilgrims the fire caused by careless use of fire. Because put out without causing greater losses, but chantang shrines, abbot house was burnt, the monks were very sad, aware of the importance of fire safety. In 2008, BaoFeng Temple monks had established the volunteer fire brigade consists of 4 monks now has expanded to 14 people, is also equipped with a fire pump motor, fire service, fire hose and fire facilities. BaoFeng Temple set up a special fire fighting equipment room, the room wall has a wooden lattice cabinet, a dozen fire suits and helmets are neatly placed in each grid, behind each fire suit with "BaoFeng Temple fire", another corner of the room stood a gun hose, and a fire pump motor. "BaoFeng Temple raised nearly 90 thousand yuan to buy 14 sets of fire fighting clothing (which can effectively protect the monks of fire), added 40 fire extinguishers, 10 rolls of fire hose and other equipment, is equipped with the special fire brigade duty room, equipment room, before the purchase of a motorized hand lift pump, fire bucket, fire hydrant etc. equipment." Chang is the master of fire fighting team captain, the fire safety into the temple monks daily practice, compulsory fire skill practice is the monks "". For the monks of the fire brigade, Jingan county public security fire brigade also often come here for professional guidance in the brigade under the help of the temple, equipped with a motorized hand lift pump and fire water, indoor and outdoor fire hydrant system and built a large fire pool, the establishment of a fire safety work system of five into one ". Brigade instructor Zhou Ming said, after many years of accumulated experience and continuous investment, the fire brigade in Jiangxi province has become the largest number of players, fire-fighting equipment, the most complete, the most fire extinguishing fire funds, monks fire brigade the most important task, the most extensive range of radiation "". Talk about the establishment of the "monk fire brigade" in mind,相关的主题文章: