Pan Jinlian Yu Hewei decided to file 11.18 new ways 乃々果花


"Pan Jinlian" Yu Hewei decided to file 11.18 new way Sina entertainment news recently, directed by Feng Xiaogang micro-blog [], Fan Bingbing [micro-blog], Yu Hewei [micro-blog], Guo Tao [micro-blog], Dapeng, Zhang Jiayi starred in the movie "I am not Pan Jinlian" announced the changed files in November 18th, prior to exposure of the trailers can be seen, Yu Hewei is this film the punchline, with Li Xuelian (Fan Bingbing ornaments) each learn almost let the county (Yu Hewei ornaments) and Feng’s helpless manner return in low spirits, depressed sad, silly adorable philistine humor aura is very fit, but Yu Hewei Hale and previous screen image be quite different. Especially compared to the hit series "dogs" and the "Jinghua Du Fei", the difference between the two characters from the side reflects the dramatic tension and actor Yu Hewei foundation, "Captain Yu Hewei rose county" is to become a public hot topic. Yu Hewei’s previous works showing a jagged tough guy, whether it is "poor", "police captain", "thirty-eight degrees" or the recent hit "chasing" dogs "and" Jinghua, of good and evil, he has a mostly arrogant manner, even in the cooperation with Feng Xiaogang "old the gun", "Gong Shu" will also blunt Pingdao up a tough guy image, is popular. But for those of you who know Yu Hewei, he privately is a spoof of love idea a great sense of humor of the artist, his micro social platform, whether it is his self, video, text or interaction with users, the show are the humorous characteristics. Overwhelmed with the Pingdao two degree cooperation board the big screen, the two humor index will show agree without prior without previous consultation, a different kind of Yu Hewei to friends. However, an actor’s transformation of the way, must be derived from his interpretation of all kinds of roles has been very much at home, so Yu Hewei, the incarnation of the most surprising magistrate would not. He engaged in performing industry for many years, early in a variety of role play on a good performance, rather than "transformation" rather than "new way" is more appropriate, after all, in the previous interview, Yu Hewei also repeatedly said they pay more attention to the script itself, but also for their own never tried the role also has a certain degree of curiosity, his courage and willing to challenge all kinds of roles! (commissioning editor: litchi)相关的主题文章: