The truck driver is not in the car _ Sina Sichuan _ 高达08ms小队


The truck driver is not in the car _ Sina Sichuan _ truck driver did not witness in the car on the morning of 26, the reporter went to the park to wine when visiting, a lot of people are talking about the matter. According to a witness, the accident occurred at about 25 PM around 8, when a large truck parked along the roadside, a motorcycle rushed to the truck. "Motorcycle driving too fast, may not see a stop in front of a car, rushed to the car to direct, truck driver was not in the car". Another Lee security told reporters that he was on duty, only to hear the bang sound. I did not see the motorcycle hit the truck, heard the sound, I thought it was where the explosion, came out to see a car accident." The security told reporters that when he came out, saw the motorcycle under the truck. "It’s driving too fast. I don’t see a truck here. If you see it, you can’t just turn around." The security guard. In September 26th, the reporter from the news office of Jiangyang District People’s government learned that the accident caused 4 deaths. Currently, the relevant work has been in full swing, the cause of the accident is under investigation, the park traffic order has returned to normal.相关的主题文章: