Anhui province to deepen the reform of examination and enrollment system implementation plan (Quan W dnf商人吧


Deepen the examination and enrollment system reform plan of Anhui province (Quan Wen) according to the "opinions of the State Council on deepening the reform of admissions exam system" (Guo Fa 2014 No. 35) (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), combined with the actual situation in our province, the enactment of this scheme. I. General requirements (1) guiding ideology. Hold high the great banner of socialism with China, Deng Xiaoping theory and the important thought of "Three Represents", Scientific Outlook on Development as a guide, fully implement the party’s education policy, adhere to Rucker tree people, is conducive to promoting the healthy development of the students, the scientific selection of all kinds of talents and maintain social fairness, conscientiously sum up experiences, highlighting the problem oriented, deepening the reform of admissions exam the system of examination and enrollment system, promote more fair, scientific and efficient, meet the people’s growing high-quality and diversified education demand, adapt to economic and social development needs of diverse talents. (two) basic principles. Adhere to education oriented, follow the laws of education. To promote students’ healthy growth as the starting point and end point, reverse the one-sided test oriented, adhere to the correct educational orientation, practice the socialist core values, to further promote quality education, cultivate all-round development of socialist builders and successors. Efforts to improve the rules to ensure fair and equitable. The promotion of fairness and justice as the basic value orientation of reform, improve the system, improve the rules, strengthen the co-ordination of the government, strengthen supervision and supervision, and ensure the fairness of the examination and enrollment opportunities, open procedures, the results of justice. Scientific and efficient, improve the level of selection. Broaden the channels for the growth of talents, increase students’ choice. Gradually establish a multi evaluation system, promote the scientific selection, guide the overall development of students. Optimize the environment for the growth of talents and promote the healthy development of students. Strengthen overall planning, actively and steadily push forward. The combination of the general requirements of the country and our province, the task in the near future and the long-term goal of combining the overall design, from basic education to the reform of higher education examination and enrollment system, promote the convergence of communication between the various types of education, to co-ordinate the implementation of the comprehensive reform of examination and enrollment and management system. (three) reform objectives. In 2015 to start a comprehensive exam enrollment system reform, in 2018 full forward, to 2021, basically established with China characteristics, conforms to the modern education examination and enrollment system in Anhui Province, to form a classification test, evaluation, pluralistic admission examination and enrollment patterns, and improve the promotion of fair and scientific selection, effective supervision of institutional mechanisms to communicate with all levels of education to build cohesion and recognized a variety of learning outcomes of lifelong learning overpass". Two, the main tasks and measures (a) to improve enrollment plan allocation. 1. Optimize the structure of college enrollment plan. Grasp the favorable opportunity for the state to improve the allocation of enrollment plan, and strive to expand the quality of higher education resources. Positive for the central ministries and universities directly under the high quality students plan, strive to expand the Midwest enrollment collaboration plan, encourage and support the province universities expand enrollment in our province, to improve the undergraduate admission rate and key university admission rate. We will organize and implement a special program for poor rural areas in the country, and strive to increase the number of rural students相关的主题文章: