Xu Jiao is filming not back to school academic achievement has been questioned 纪元1701


Xu Jiao is filming not back to school academic achievement has been questioned in the Stephen Chow film "Yangtze River seven" in the performance as a young boy "Dicky and bursts of Stephen dry daughter Xu Jiao, had no choice but to taking advantage of the chase, but decided to study in the United States for 6 years, but she still did not forget the artist identity, often sharing to the fans in micro-blog, this year joined the reality show" we are coming "for exposure, but Xu Jiao has repeatedly been questioned academic achievement, even she seems to rarely go back to the school has become a topic, so she had to explain why. Xu Jiao made at micro-blog today absent explanation, she pointed out the reason why few ACCD (California Art Center College of design Art Center College of Design) class, because she is the second half of the year will put a drama filming, so long and the school please leave good and approved, only the original first shot in October next year, the January work but for some reason, an extension of 2 months, after careful thought, she decided to leave next year in the spring semester. Although access to the support of the school, but Xu Jiao clarified: "leave does not mean that this semester’s class without, I still need to read the full eight semester before graduation, which means I need to spend more time and energy." Although Xu Jiao believed this somewhat contradictory, but in order to take into account the artists and students’ identity, she must follow the only way, and commitment will make greater efforts to perfect their fans. In addition, Xu Jiao also with the text put 3 letters with the school dialogue screenshots, prove their truths, the absolute is to leave in accordance with the due process, and did not get any privilege, its excellent ability to behave, fans were praising EQ adorable girl!"相关的主题文章: