Fight ghost will end, Jin Xuanfa expressed dismay (video). stanley博士的家2


"Fight ghost" will end, gold Xuanfa photo will not give expression of drama combination did not forget to leave reluctant photo Memorial as Tencent entertainment news "fight ghost" main actor Jin Hyun and other actors in the end before the broadcast. Jin Hyun on the morning of August 24th through its own Instagram said: "we fight" ghost "family? There’s only one week left…… Try a little harder!!!" And put a picture on it. Open the photo gold in the dazzle and performing together "fight the ghost" drama with the actors, including Ok Taec Yeon, Jin Shanghao, Jiang Qiyong, right of law, Li Dawei, we are showing very happy smile, especially the six person shooting in such a hot weather, the scene still maintain harmony, good feeling that also look quite happy friends. The students can see the ghost Exorcism of Pu Fengba (Ok Taec Yeon ornaments) and the human body to the world high school Jin Xianzhi (Jin Hyun female ornaments), and show the true face of the devil (comet right law decoration), launched a formal relationship between them, the plot has entered the end of the tvN drama "ghost" fighting. The finale will be broadcast next week. "Fight ghost" Jin Hyun is as beautiful as the angel Ok Taec Yeon becomes the second idiot.相关的主题文章: