Guangzhou subway passengers left involving 2 million contract fortunately recovered 特命战队go busters


Guangzhou subway passengers left involving 2 million contract fortunately recovered information times news (reporter Guo Suying correspondent Pan Minhua Xiao Guifeng) careless passengers after the plane was in the subway after 2 million yuan contract, fortunately encountered subway staff. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Guangzhou subway, the subway in multi assist personnel, the passengers finally recovered after the contract. It is reported that in September 21st about 12 noon, three line Airport South Station station gang Deng Yuqing, Li Jianbo People are hurrying to and fro., two employees get clear off, found a large suitcase coffee in the central compartment, the trunk is very heavy, in order not to delay the clear off, Li Jianbo put the luggage box to the site and report the situation to the car control room. Asked whether Deng Yuqing is responsible for the surrounding passengers lost luggage, but nearby passengers have said their luggage is not. Subsequently, the attendant and Hu Ping shift duty station to open the trunk, the trunk full of clothes, the business license of the company, in the original contract, as well as to the amount of about 2 million yuan contract and other important items. Considering the owner’s mood, after much effort to find a traffic attendant Hu Ping and Huang Yanqing in the trunk through the duty station Bao staff card information, and subway service hotline and airport security broadcast, finally contacted the owner, Mr. bao. It turned out that Mr. Bao is a deputy director of Shanxi machinery factory, luggage in the contract for him and the factory is very important. "Thank you so much." From the station, Mr. Bao repeatedly thanked the Metro staff.相关的主题文章: