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Bayer ho throw $66 billion final with Monsanto – Beijing News Agency in September 14 Berlin Xinhua (reporter Peng Dawei) in three launched after the acquisition, the German bio pharmaceutical giant Bayer announced 14 success and Monsanto signed the merger agreement, the former $66 billion ($59 billion) price. After the merger of the two companies will become the world’s largest supplier of agricultural chemicals and seeds. This is the largest ever merger of German companies. Headquartered in Leverkusen Germany Bayer (Bayer) is a global enterprise with core competitiveness in the field of medicine and health care, nutrition of crops, the group owns more than and 300 Affiliated Companies in 75 countries around the world. 2015 fiscal year, the number of employees was 117000, sales of EUR 46 billion 300 million. Meng Shandou (Monsanto) is an American company known for genetically modified crops. According to the German TV station reported before, Bayer has twice to Monsanto’s offer, second times the May 2016 offer for $62 billion, but ultimately did not accept by monsanto. On September 14th, Monsanto and Bayer jointly announced has signed a definitive merger agreement, Bayer will share $128 all cash acquisition of Monsanto, providing 44% premium and $66 billion for Monsanto shareholders. In the press release to the media, intended to "Monsanto and Bayer jointly lead the global agriculture", the two sides will focus on digital agriculture launched collaborative innovation. For leading the future direction of the development of agriculture, Bayer looks confident. The statement said that the merger will be the integration of the two companies and research and development of innovative technology platform, the annual budget is expected to be about 2 billion 500 million euros. In the medium and long term, the combined company will be able to speed up innovation, and provide agricultural economic advice to provide better solutions and product portfolio to customers based on digital agricultural application technology. Bayer believes that farmers will therefore be expected to continue to make significant gains, that is, from improving procurement and enhance convenience to improve production, better environmental protection and sustainable development". The statement said the delivery is expected to be completed by the end of 2017. Delivery must meet two conditions: Monsanto shareholders approved the merger, and obtain regulatory approval. The two sides will fully cooperate with regulators to ensure the success of delivery. In addition, Bayer also promised to pay 2 billion U.S. dollars antitrust break fee (means that the buyer is committed to the anti-monopoly examination and approval has not resulted in the termination of the transaction to pay the seller’s fee). Bayer said, which further shows that the company has received the necessary regulatory approval is expected to have confidence". The two sides said that the merger will create considerable value, third years after the completion of the settlement is expected to create synergies worth up to $1 billion 500 million per year. Despite the creation of a record in the field of mergers and acquisitions in Germany, but around the acquisition of the question of criticism and questioning all the way. Deutsche Welle said Monsanto for many years in Europe due to its GM products in the face of doubt. In addition, Monsanto has also produced)相关的主题文章: