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The government took teaching films retained " gene library " intangible cultural heritage; many people have no inheritance in Beijing – silk, bayberry, fast alignment…… These non heritage items as Beijing people for having heard it many times cultural password number now endangered. Reporter recently found that a lot of "intangible cultural heritage" has no inheritance or only one person alive. Experts said that with the change of social production mode, the inevitable loss of intangible cultural heritage ". Data show that in the non total accounts for 1/3 of Beijing city of Xicheng District, the non left heritage average age about 65 years old, due to historical reasons, has "lost" project currently reached 10. To this end, the government through public bidding acts, rescuing the shooting form, tried to extend cultural gene as "intangible cultural heritage". Among them, Xicheng District proposed by image data, as part of the endangered intangible cultural heritage shooting teaching. Xicheng District Liu Xiuhua home, Liu Xiuhua made bayberry peach. This version of photography Beijing News reporter Li Fei "Beijing bayberry producer only recently, 66 year old Liu Xiuhua has just completed the 8 wax" mango ". This is the old temple to prepare for this year. Now, as the bayberry making skills of heritage, Liu Xiuhua is currently the only Beijing can make "bayberry" craftsman. Many of the old people of Beijing bayberry was in the decorations. These wax produced apples, oranges and other fruits, the shape and color are very similar to the real fruit. According to Liu Xiuhua, his wife Nie Fulin related text research, our country from the Song Dynasty have a wax products. After the end of the Qing Dynasty, bayberry has appeared in Beijing market, and part of craftsmen began to set up a factory workshop, expand the production of bayberry. A number of "non left heritage advanced in age facing the lost" intangible cultural heritage "technology, is not only bayberry. Reporter survey found that Beijing people, such as fast Lianzhu intangible cultural heritage, have entered the "endangered" state. In Beijing, 1/3 of the total intangible cultural heritage in Xicheng District. According to official statistics, the area has a national intangible cultural heritage protection project 36, municipal heritage protection project 67, district level intangible cultural heritage protection project 162. Data show that these intangible cultural heritage, currently more than 200 people, with an average age of about 65 years old, the age is generally large. As part of the inheritance, or some people advanced in age died one after another, the inheritance of weak non heritage items accounted for 1/4 to 1/3, should be paid attention to. In 2013, Xicheng District set up a special intangible cultural heritage protection center, according to the intangible cultural heritage of the endangered degree, the introduction of a series of protective measures. Among them, the most urgent need to protect the "lost" project, heritage or have died and project no inheritance, or old, or only a heritage, this project currently has 10; followed by the "endangered" project, heritage and heritage alive, but less than 3. The project currently has a total of 30. – move endangered intangible cultural heritage will be retained in the image recording Beijing Municipal Cultural Bureau relevant responsible person said, he Xuan相关的主题文章: