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Guan City, one of the sustainable development of the Beijing property market or more suitable for investment in the distribution of the population of Beijing, has gradually showing the trend of outward diffusion. According to statistics, Beijing has more than half of the population outside the ring, which also means that most people work in the city, outside the city. Population expansion is the best way to ease traffic pressure, more effective allocation of urban resources, but also the key to promote the development of the surrounding regional economy. With the expansion of population, it is the spillover of wealth. Workers basic necessities of life consumption, will promote the development of regional economic consumption, enhance regional economic value. Under the regulation of the market itself, the Beijing population gradually evacuated to the area around Beijing, while the latter in the demographic dividend while also bring a lot of wealth. Nancheng revitalization of Guan will be the next gold rush? The future will have five rail traffic gathered in Guan are: Line 4, S6 line, the new airport fast track, Langzhuo Chengtie, Chengtie solid. One line 4, S6 line and the new airport fast track directly into the central city of Beijing, which will greatly facilitate the work of Beijing. For office workers, the shorter commuting time, the higher the regional value. Data show that the opening of the MTR, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou subway surrounding property values have been greatly improved, from the subway station 0-500 meters in the suburbs of the property to enhance the value of 20% – 25%, while the suburbs property value was raised by 10% – 15%, Shenzhen is 26% and 18%. With the completion and opening of rail transit, Guan property market is bound to set off a new wave. Know the future industrial town where the investment or owner occupied it in a rational comparison over the Beijing housing, small decisions to Amway several hot plate concern, whether you are holding what kind of attitude, or is self occupied or investment, think small ads or malicious call true, small have Amway. Page second: Yongding River (British palace peacock City real estate data, the average price of 17900 yuan), Guan (Guan on the west side of the wide high-speed export), Tel: 400-819-1111 611018. Page third: Green Chen Wanhua city (real estate information), the average price of 13000 yuan, is located in Guan County, 106 State Road and prosperous road street intersection 540 meters south, Tel: 400-819-1111 611007. Fourth page: TOWN, closing price of 13000 yuan, is located in Beijing city of Guan Xinyuan Street surrounding Da Long Tang Tel: 400-819-1111, 675445. Page fifth: three Sheng International City (real estate information), the average price of 8500 yuan, Guan County niutuozhen, Tel: 400-819-1111 611153. Page sixth: LuxeHome International (real estate information), is expected to 12000 yuan, Daxing wild zoo about 3 kilometers south of East Road, Tel: > 400-819-1111 611081. Guan Yongding River peacock City Palace 60-120 1-3 in the UK real estate Tencent ceremony new community news Yongding River peacock City British palace is located in Beijing Daxing wild zoo about 3 km south of the eastern side of the road. Yongding River peacock city UK palace is expected to 20.相关的主题文章: