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Shenyang: three no reason to refuse employment will stop guaranteeing payment of 6 month of October 31st, municipal affairs office announced the implementation of "the system of minimum living guarantee of urban and rural residents of Shenyang city rules", application, enjoy the treatment of urban and rural people, if taken to conceal the family income, family property, forgery proof materials and other means for security, or have the ability to work without justifiable reasons by the three post introduced refused to employment, if the circumstances are serious, within 6 months shall not accept or apply for suspended low premiums, and included personal credit records. Income calculation: including 5 kinds of wage income "rules" provides that urban and rural families with a minimum security unit. Urban low-income family income includes wages, pensions, insurance, compensation, flexible employment income and other wage income. Apply for urban subsistence households, per capita income is in accordance with the total number of family members living together in the month of monetary income and physical income divided by the total number of households approved. The wages of the employees are less than the minimum wage standards of the employees of the municipal government, and shall be calculated according to the minimum wage. Families rely on their parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters (outside) and other family members living together (Fu Fu) completely lost the ability to raise the adult severe disabled, seriously ill patients, can apply for subsistence allowances. Security: by calculating the per capita income of less than the minimum standard to determine the difference between the "rules" clearly, the urban and rural family security, to determine the difference between family income per capita is lower than the local minimum living standard of urban and rural areas. The basic formula is: family security fund = (local urban and rural minimum standards – family monthly income per capita) × family security population. Identified by the relevant departments for the ability to work, no source of income, do not support (Fu, Fu) the people of the "three noes" members in the local urban and rural living standard floating on the basis of 60%. 70 years of age or older, level of persons with severe disabilities, long life can not take care of the ill staff, widowed parent families in the minor under the age of 18, undergraduate degree and below the full-time compulsory education students, in the local urban and rural living standard floating on the basis of 30%. Minimum audit: ten cases not for urban and rural residents for family income per capita is lower than the local urban and rural living standards, but the actual life level was significantly higher than that of local urban and rural living standards; the per capita property currency for families is higher than the city minimum living standard in the total amount of the city; apply for family housing area per capita (construction area) significantly exceed the standard (30 per square. M) name for family members or non residential housing, more than two real estate and other commodity housing; rural families due to land movements of buildings, the per capita housing area (construction area) was significantly more than the government accelerated standards; for families within 3 years of the purchase of commercial housing, renovation of existing housing or high standards for families in the city in less than 2 years; for the purchase of high-grade family The non daily necessities (including high-end household appliances, clothing, jewelry, ornaments and so on); a motor vehicle (for scooter motorcycle, car batteries except); high collections or adorable相关的主题文章: