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In order to find out the son son six months ago sixty old man half three pairs of shoes worn Zheng old man’s son Zheng Chongming families for map Henan daily trainee reporter Yang Guifang Wan Wenkui’s 12 year old scared away, sixty old man Zheng Deyi began riding a bike with a quilt, village by the town to find…… [li] son riding a bike next to the village to find it in November 15th, Mr. Chen call the Henan Daily reporter, said he met a man in search of Trinidad and friends to eat when the encounter is very rough, I hope the media can help. Chen said that at 8 o’clock in the evening, he was preparing to go to dinner with friends, at the entrance of the hotel to see an old man. He curled up in the next step, low head, trembling, stood next to a bicycle, car and car are close to help search for the child". After the conversation that the old man named Zheng Deyi, 64 years old this year, Li Lou Dancheng County people. The old man’s 12 year old son lost in May this year, he has been riding a bike in Dancheng, Huaiyang, Kaifeng, Taikang and other places to find the village. In the past six months, in addition to his halfway home a wheat, the rest of the time in the search for the son of the road. His bike is tied to a bed with a nylon bag breaking quilt, where he will rest where the culvert and the side of the road, in the fields, he had lived. In order to find his son, Zheng old man to save only the money to save the charge calls, for fear of missing a call. [] the reasons for the Exodus after ignition frightened away son filed a 12 year old son Zheng Chongming, Zheng old man immediately sobbing. After the emotional stability, he began to worry about the son’s message to reporters. According to his memories, May 6, 2016 at around 5 in the afternoon, Zheng Chongming son after school to play in the home to play Yang cotton, I did not expect the fire too fierce, his son was scared and ran out. Zheng Zheng old man was working in the field, after the home was informed of the incident. Originally thought that his son can go home the same day, the results of his son did not return all night. A sleepless night Zheng old man began looking for in the surrounding villages, two sons are working in the field also quit the job to help find home. This is half a year to find, Zheng old man can not remember how many villages have passed through the road, the more the more elusive hope. "In the beginning, some people say see, now almost no news. I worry a two feet war, do not know which direction to go." Zheng old man almost in tears. [] will not give up half the time could not find the night into day, Zheng old man living in most places is the ridge, fields and bridge. Siye vast, night silent, the distance from the light to put out the lights of the village, Zheng old man often can’t sleep at night, anxious, helpless and confused, so that he had a healthy body also broke down, a deaf ears, feet are standing instability, worn out three pairs of shoes, with his car the old bike is almost not used, two foot pedals are not. He said he was most afraid of the dark, and one day he could not ask again. "If the night becomes the day, I do not go to sleep to find, ask a family." With the cold weather, the advent of winter, Zheng old man is still running around 10 points every night, run empty cry once相关的主题文章: