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Suzhou families intimidate doctors   cure will take adverse violence Jiangsu windows — original title: children with family doctor: message of intimidation treatment ineffective, "will take violent means" this picture sparked heated discussion users. "If pneumonia treatment is ineffective, leading to serious consequences, I will take the means of violence!" This heated rhetoric, appeared in the doctor-patient communication records. Recently, a photo on the network heat transfer, causing widespread concern. Yangzi Evening News reporter learned that the incident happened in the Children’s Hospital Affiliated to Suzhou University, shortly afterwards, the family mood gradually stabilized, and apologized to the doctor on duty, again in the "doctor-patient communication records" signed. Children after active treatment, the condition improved, was discharged around 15:00 on October 4th. A photo of triggering fierce condemnation during the National Day holiday, a photo in micro-blog, WeChat is crazy forwarded circle of friends. Photo is a doctor patient communication records, the above shows: diagnostic content is: 1, neonatal pneumonia; respiratory failure, 3, neonatal anemia. Children in the hospital groans, shortness of breath, complexion cyanosis. Children in the hospital after dying to care, warm box. However, the diagnosis of the contents under a blank portion, a few lines of handwritten words is shocking: "if pneumonia treatment ineffective, resulting in serious consequences, I will take the violence!!!" Not long ago, the doctor Li Baohua were hacked to death, before the incident, the suspect had a medical trouble several times. Therefore, the photos exposed, netizens reaction is very fierce. A mood is more excited netizen said: "have to wait until he cut people, before detention?" Netizen old veterinary gentleman, said: the proposal to bring home treatment." Netizen sesame princess said: I hope the hospital blacklist." Friends from Mars cheap friends 1961.0cm, said: for such a threat to the doctor, should be directly responsible for public security against criminal liability." The hospital issued a statement, the family has apologized on October 6th, Children’s Hospital Affiliated to Suzhou University in its official platform issued a description of the situation. The hospital said, October 6, 2016 morning, the hospital found that several media broadcast "families in the doctor-patient communication record signature on the Web: if pneumonia treatment ineffective, resulting in serious consequences, I will take the violence.". After the hospital survey, September 28th at about 5:00, with Tan Moumou due to shortness of breath and groan 18 hours ", from outside the hospital transferred to our hospital in NICU (NICU), diagnosed as neonatal pneumonia, respiratory failure, neonatal anemia". The doctor on duty to explain the disease and inform the families of communication. According to the requirements of parents need to sign in the "record" on the doctor-patient communication. At the same time, the family members wrote, "as a result of pneumonia treatment ineffective, resulting in serious consequences, I will take the means of violence!!!" 8:00 or so, the doctor on duty in the handover report. 8:30 or so, the hospital security department to the Suzhou Industrial Park, East Lake police station report. Then, the duty doctor and director of Department security department staff together with the families of communication condition, sent)相关的主题文章: