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Quanzhou, Jinjiang two public security organs have uncovered large telecommunications fraud – Fujian channel — original title: Quanzhou, Jinjiang two public security organs have uncovered large telecommunications fraud in August 21, 2016, arrested in Hunan province was Moulun, Lin, Huang Mouru, Cai min six Taiwan suspects before Quanzhou, Jinjiang two public security organs cracked Jinjiang "2016? 8? 15" major telecom fraud case. In August 15th, Ceng Mouping went to Jinjiang City Public Security Bureau police said, from mid July this year, has been to "posing as public security" means to defraud about 2900000 yuan. Quanzhou, Jinjiang two public security organs leadership attaches great importance to the case, the rapid deployment of criminal investigation, technical investigation, network security and other departments, the elite police task force set up to carry out detection crucial, and timely report to the provincial public security department. According to reports, the ad hoc group from the flow of funds and telecommunication flows embarked on combing judgments, in the 30 hours after the bank accounts involved 5 million 25 thousand and 700 yuan and all queries are clear, quick freezing, payment account in (including the case and other cases of money). After further investigation, the panel found the suspect withdrawals to concentrated in Guangdong city of Guangzhou province and Hunan Province, Yueyang City, Changde City, Changsha city and Hubei city of Jingzhou province and other places, immediately sent four investigation team dispatched to Guangzhou, Yueyang, Shanghai, Changsha to carry out investigation. Investigators went to Guangzhou in after the discovery of a number of bank cards involved in the withdrawal of the same person for the same time since August, and withdrawals to focus on the road in Guangzhou, Beijing. In August 18th, the task force police successfully arrested the suspect in Moulin Cai Guangzhou city Beijing Road Pedestrian Street in Yuexiu District Tianhe City (male, 25 years old, Taiwan). According to Cai Moulin confession, in Hunan Province, investigators arrested Huang Mouru on August 19th in Yueyang city (male, 26 years old), Cai Moumin (female, 38 years old), Zengmou (male, 20 years old) theory, Ann Lin (male, 19 years old), Yang? (male, 17 years old), Hwang (male, 38 years old, as are Taiwanese) 6 suspects, seized more than 25 yuan in cash and 221 bank cards crime, freezing, payment amount of 2 million 139 thousand and 400 yuan. In August 20th, the task force in the city of Xiamen arrested Zhang Rong (male, 26 years old), Liu Moukai (male, 27 years old), Huang Mouyu (female, 22 years old), Wu (female, 21 years old,? Are Taiwanese) 4 suspects and seized a bank card, mobile phone and other objects and part of the crime stolen money. Currently, the case is still under further investigation. (correspondent Chen Rong Li Zhaoxing, the network reporter Wang Jiaorong) (Wu Zhou, commissioning editor: Zhang?)相关的主题文章: