Baoji man upload pornographic video profit jailed for three years (video) 纪元1701


Baoji man to upload pornographic video profit reporter Gong Xudong was jailed for three years by the network of micro business, because business is bad, convenient for network dissemination of pornographic materials, and ultimately make their own chained and thrown into prison. Recently, the Fengxiang county court hearing with the use of the Internet to disseminate pornographic material case, the defendant Wang for the dissemination of pornographic materials for profit, was sentenced to three years and fined $5000. Case playback in mid May of this year, the defendant Wang established the chat group, at first is to do micro’s wife publicity hometown specialty to help business, see no improvement, had transferred from other groups in the pornographic video sent to the group to enhance the popularity, the number of groups is increased a lot. Then he is moving from the brain, think through to the staff in the group received a red envelope money subsidy home, so Wang built a few groups, and set up a special charge group, constantly forwarding pornographic video and Xiangqun in charge, then charge several times by a group. July 2nd, the defendant Wang and re build the group, continue to spread pornographic video profits, as of the incident into the group of 273 members, the defendant Wang illegal profit of $6237.32. The court of Fengxiang county court in the trial that the defendant Wang to profit for the purpose of dissemination of pornographic materials, if the circumstances are serious, their behavior has violated the "People’s Republic of China criminal law" the 363rd regulation, constitute the crime of dissemination of pornographic materials. The defendant Wang after appearing in court truthfully confessed the crime, voluntarily pleaded guilty in court, and actively ill gotten gains, so a lighter punishment. Therefore, in accordance with the "People’s Republic of China criminal law" 363rd article sixty-seventh, paragraph third, fifty-second, sixty-fourth, and sentenced the defendant Wang the crime of dissemination of pornographic materials, sentenced to three years in prison and fined 5000 yuan. The judge said the trial judge said that the defendant Wang in court confession in a profound warning. Only if you are using the Internet to do a legitimate business, it may not touch the French, but he was using the Internet to provide the convenience, wantonly spread pornographic videos, pictures and text for profit, and in the first group was closed after still not close hand, should pay the cost of the final. This case tells us: cyberspace is not outside the law, the Internet must abide by the law! Note: the video for the extended reading woman recruit bestie common prosperity agent online selling pornographic video caught相关的主题文章: