Great change! The State Council said in Henan this kind of person should rich (video) 霍金hawking


Great change! The State Council said in Henan this kind of people to a rich, the State Council said, great change will come! Recently, the general office of the CPC Central Committee and the general office of the State Council issued the "opinions on the measures for the improvement of the right to operate the right to contracted management of rural land ownership" (hereinafter referred to as "" three rights division " opinion"). November 3rd, Han Changfu, Minister of agriculture, said, "three powers" is a major institutional innovation after the household contract responsibility system reform in rural areas, to provide an institutional guarantee for farmers to increase income. What is the "three power division"? The so-called three rights of land in rural areas is the ownership of all land owned by the collective, farmers have the right to contract land, can operate independently of the crop does not violate national policy. Later, with the migrant farmers to contract land lease or transfer to other people, a number of initiatives to protect new operator rights, farmers’ income is guaranteed a new path and system, farmers settled into the city without exiting the land contract right. The Assignee does not have the right to contract, but a right to operate. In this way, there are three kinds of rights, that is, the collective ownership of the land, the right to return to the original farmers, as well as the right to operate the actual operators. In order to comply with the wishes of farmers to retain the right to contract land, the right to transfer land management, the state will be divided into the right to operate the land contract and management rights, the implementation of ownership, contract rights, management rights split parallel. Two, have the opportunity! The system has begun to break the ice, these people will be rich! "Three power division " "" also proposed to "actively carry out land contracting rights exit, land management right mortgage, land management right in the management of agricultural industrialization pilot", but also "sound research specific measures of rural land management rights transfer, mortgage and rural land contracting right exit etc. the". According to people’s Daily reported, reporters in Banan District of Chongqing City, before the interview was informed that the area is explored. At present, some farmers have voluntarily withdraw from the local, direct property income of millions of dollars. In August of this year, the State Council issued on the implementation of a number of fiscal policy to support the transfer of agricultural population of citizens of the notice, made ten specific policy measures, but also for farmers to release a major positive information! The protection of land ownership, steady employment, social security, the one less. That is to say, rural migration to the city, not only can enjoy the city’s resources, health care, education and employment mechanism of public services, but also remain in the ownership of rural land, still enjoys the right of land contract, land use right, the collective right to income distribution. To know what is the most valuable asset in today’s society, in addition to land or land! Many farmers move home a dozen acres of land, which is equal to a day at home in Beijing "paralysis" will have enough income, become "Hao" may point the day and await for it! At the same time, in November 5th, Fang Xinghai, vice chairman of the Commission, said at the fifth session of the Forum on risk management and agricultural development, to further promote the development of agricultural futures, options market. Fang Xinghai said that this year is the first year to comprehensively promote the structural reform of the supply side, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on agricultural modernization and structural reform of the supply side of the agricultural sector made a fight相关的主题文章: