I was invited to the CCTV National Day special program is new energy network in the country – Song 姉summer


I was invited to the CCTV National Day special program is new September new energy song Network – in 27, I combined the motherland recently received CCTV invite to participate in the recording of CCTV integrated channel launched in 2016 the National Day special program "my motherland", the program will set node CCTV Taiwan excellent host and in the event of the parties, in the national day day, for the public to show our excellent citizen style, showing China beauty, through the interpretation of the patriotic way every guest and host, to express the praise of the citizens of their own country. "As I perform at the Olympic plate" my motherland and my show, live by their creation is full of positive energy "proud of the song of youth", an expression of the motherland and pride and reverence for Olympic athletes. In the program recording site, proud young also won the guests and the host’s praise, the show will be broadcast on CCTV integrated channel on October 1st. I combined as a well-known popular creative combination group, has its unique style in the creation of the song, they wrote and sang "my sky", "proud of the song of youth" and a high degree of. At the same time, they have been invited to participate in the film and television music creation, including the movie "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2?" Chinese and broken zone theme song "broken show", "Chinatown" the adventure of the ending song "Savoy" Deckard, Huayi Brothers, "Tai Chi" theme song "stand up", in the shadow the group of youth "sent" theme song "my sky" etc.. It is reported that the new album is currently fighting will be released at the end of their careful preparation, has recently come into the studio to record the song, in the songwriting will continue in addition to their unique writing style in the past, will strive to find more breakthroughs, to give the fans a surprise. In addition to the new album preparation, I have also signed a number of film and television music production.相关的主题文章: