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Her husband spent 97 yuan in marriage derailed wife in lover angrily charged Baoqiang Wang and Ma Rong concern of the divorce, on October 18th at the Beijing Chaoyang Court hearing for the first time. "I believe that the law is fair and just, and I give my marriage to the law." This is since the divorce broke out and continue to ferment, Baoqiang Wang said the most to the outside world. For this sentence, Guanhaiwei Juan Zi (a pseudonym) with deep feeling. First 20 years of her husband derailment "married", gave money to buy lover, buy a car. Anger, Juan Zi finally calm down, through legal means to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests. [scene] first marriage derailed her husband sent 97 yuan Chen (a pseudonym) and Juan Zi married 20 years. Two people start empty-handed, work hard for many years, amassing a good stock, lovely daughter has also grown up. Before, two people have been feeling good, but from the beginning of last year, Juan Zi faint smell of a strange, as long as there is entertainment before coming home late, her husband would call in advance to inform the home, but recently he often cause yebuguisu, afterwards asked them on a fumble, also motionless "up to his wife". A heart full of mark and disturbed Juan Zi see the old Chen Jinyi years of bank account, he found several hundred thousands of yuan total money into a woman named Fang Fang (a pseudonym) account name. Not only that, Juan Zi also found her husband carrying his purchase of a house and a car, and this also happens to house and car registered in the name of Fang fang. In front of everything, let Juan Zi’s marriage "ivory tower" collapsed. [Second] murder scene he confess to his wife Juan Zi did not give up, will the bank bills thrown to the old Chen before saying. Although her face filled with anger, but I still secretly hope that her husband will bow to admit, recognize their own confused mistakes, and begged his wife to forgive. Unfortunately, everything backfires. In the face of Juan Zi’s questioning, Chen did not appeal, but it is finally relieved, generous recognition of the relationship between himself and fangfang. It is understood that the first half of 2015, Lao Chen met in KTV was 20 years younger than their Fangfang, two people knowing each other have the other half, but gradually developed into lovers. Since the year of June 1st, the old Chen Xian Fang Fang, real estate Car Buying offspring pay down payment and mortgage, also send money to her. In the face of the marriage has been irreparable, Juan Zi decided to let go, but should belong to their own, she intends to take up legal weapons to defend. One day in July this year, Juan Zi will be the old Chen and Fang Fang to the Cixi court, asked to confirm the donation contract between two people is invalid. The next day, husband and wife two people signed a divorce agreement: the founder of the company, a private house, a car and the hundreds of thousands of yuan deposits are owned by the woman; two shops located in Xiao Lin left her daughter; the creditor’s rights and debts of husband and wife under the name of each respective. [Third] the court does not give the gift? In the confirmation of invalid contract dispute case, Juan Zi firmly ordered Lao Chen’s gift is invalid相关的主题文章: