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Chen Duxiu prison in Nanjing Tiger Bridge Prison confidential – Beijing, not long ago, the author of the "old Nanjing" published version of "Hu Shi and Nanjing" cut and chaotic "complex" in the text, that Hu Shi had two times to Nanjing Tiger Bridge Prison to visit Chen Duxiu. Now I talk about Chen Duxiu prison in Nanjing the first model prison (also known as the Tiger Bridge Prison confidential). Arrest and trial in September 1932, Chen Duxiu and Peng Shuzhi were arrested in Shanghai public concession, soon extradited to the Shanghai public security bureau. The Central Committee of the Communist Party immediately issued a "Declaration of terror against the Kuomintang". The domestic and foreign scholars and celebrities such as Cai Yuanpei, Yang Xingfo, Dewey, Russell and Einstein call Jiang Jieshi with Chen Duxiu, Jiang Chen, Peng will ignore Nanjing’s military escort, a trial by He Yingqin. In order to ease public opinion, Chiang was forced to submit the case to the court". Chen, Peng was to the Jiangning District Court detention detention, April 14, 1933 by the Suzhou high court for Jiangning District court. Since the court, of course to fulfill the legal procedures, to allow the defendant, Chen Duxiu therefore made countermemorials to defend himself, he from the national interests, national survival to clarify its "five? Four" after "the Communist Party organization China reason". Although Chen Duxiu in November 1929 for "Trotskyite" was expelled from the Communist Party of Chinese, but still with the Communist Party itself, and declared that "the Communist Party China current mission" is "anti imperialism in order to complete the Chinese independence against the warlord bureaucrat to achieve national unity", "improving the livelihood of the workers and peasants". He insisted that his past, present and future thinking, it ‘s also "," dedicated, died, alive, to struggle". According to the "court" of his about "endangering the Republic" and "Treason" of the accused, Chen Duxiu from the legal and historical facts, elaborated what is "country", what is the "Republic of China", has discussed what is "what is endangering the Republic", "treason, fiercely criticized the KMT in the country in peril on the occasion, the Japanese occupation of China, always retreat of the" non resistance policy ", pointed out that this is the real" endangering the Republic "and" treason". Finally, he asked the court should not hesitate to declare his innocence. Chen’s friend Zhang Shizhao (1924, the Duan Qirui administration’s attorney general and Minister of Education) to obligation to defend Chen Duxiu. At that time, "Central Daily" had to "court" Chen Duxiu paradox wind-driven, reported that the trial of the case, for the national sensation, "Chen chapter countermemorials". The "No Communist arrogance" ban published, only Tianjin "social welfare" published the full text. Later, by the Shanghai University of Shanghai, Suzhou Soochow University selected as the Department of law textbooks. But Chen, chapter of the plea, can not change the established policy of the Kuomintang, the court will uphold the authority of Chen Duxiu and Peng Shuzhi, throughout the fifteen years of imprisonment, after the Supreme Court of appeal, commuted to eight years, and the solution to the first Nanjing model prison is the Tiger Bridge Prison execution. The secret of Chen Duxiu prison in Nanjing Tiger Bridge Prison, a people living in a cell, there are two bookshelves in the room, filled with books, Classics)相关的主题文章: